the mayors agree to a setting up on October 1

At the end of a meeting of the Regional Security Council (CoRes), all the mayors of Brussels agreed on October 1 as the date for the implementation of the expansion of the Covid Safe Ticket (CST ) on the territory of the Brussels Region, including in the Horeca sector.

There are still the elements of legality, including sanctions, and the computer application of the system. Consultations, in particular with the prosecution, must therefore be initiated.

The question of the application of this TSA to workers in the sectors concerned was debated, without being decided.

The final decision rests with the Brussels ministers

According to the cabinet of Minister-President Rudi Vervoort, “the Minister-President and the Minister of Health (editor’s note: Alain Maron) consulted the mayors on the issue of the Covid Safe Ticket. They wanted to hear their opinions on the question of the application given that they are close to the field. These exchanges are part of the ongoing consultations within the framework of the drafting of the ordinance.“which is essential to authorize an extended use of the CST.

On the other hand, “the decision rests with the Joint College of the Common Community Commission (Cocom)“, we insisted.

The Brussels ministers who make it up are meeting tomorrow. It is up to all of these to decide.

Regarding vaccination, a decision was taken toincrease the number of vaccination centers and the use of the vaccibus in the municipalities, by improving cooperation between them.

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