The ministers of the province of Buenos Aires put their resignation at the disposal of Axel Kicillof and put pressure on Alberto Fernández

The ministers who make up the cabinet of Axel Kicillof in the province of Buenos Aires they put their resignation at the disposal of the governor after the defeat of the Frente de Todos in the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory (PASO).

“That’s right, we have made our place of responsibility available to you and the Governor must define who he wants to continue with and who he does not want, what is your vision of the cabinet for the future ”, assured the Buenos Aires Minister of Government Teresa García in dialogue with Network.

“All public officials after a defeat have to make available who leads the resignation,” added the official, who on Tuesday had said that none of the cabinet ministers “was essential.” For Teresa García, the triumph of Juntos in the PASO was due to the country’s economic difficulties and “political issues”.

“The defeat is not a defeat caused by the national question, this has to do with everyone, the mayors, governors, if something does not work it is not the responsibility of just one, today we are going to have a meeting, we are going to talk in the Province which ones they are the things in which we have been mistaken ”, added.

“From the day we took office, the Governor has the resignations available. It’s a team and it’s always going to be where you need it. In line with what he declared yesterday, the cabinet ministers know that none is essential and that if they consider it necessary, the consequent changes will be made. No one is screwed or infatuated with staying in one place or with a proper name. Nevertheless, what we have to deepen at this time is the management and the facts, it does not go through the names“Official sources close to Kicillof responded to this medium.

For now, Alberto Fernández will not make changes to the Cabinet. Kicillof does not rule it out. Credits: NA.

Teresa García’s phrase puts more pressure on President Alberto Fernández, who is currently resisting the onslaught of harsh Kirchnerism that calls for changes in the national Cabinet to show more management and results for November. Among the surnames that are in the spotlight are the Chief of Staff Santiago Cafiero and the Minister of Economy Martín Guzmán. In fact, this Wednesday the president and the vice president are expected to meet at Quinta de Olivos to enter the next steps.

The Government is working on defining the shock of economic measures who will advertise to try turn defeat at the national level in the STEP 2021 elections. TN, this Wednesday on the table there is a reinforcement bonus of $ 5000 for the retired and pensioners, which would be collected in October, and a 50% increase in the Universal Child Allowance (AUH), which would be implemented between October and December.

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