The Ministry of Industry and Trade told how they will stabilize food prices

The organization of direct deliveries from the manufacturer to store shelves will help stabilize the prices of products (primarily for vegetables). This opinion was expressed by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Viktor Yevtukhov.

At the same time, the trade itself should remain as diversified as possible – from large to the smallest convenience stores, street retail facilities, fairs, wholesale and retail markets, food trucks.

“It is through such outlets that the products of small farms are mainly sold,” Yevtukhov noted.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade recommended that retail chains switch to direct contracts with suppliers of socially significant products. We are talking about agricultural products, the prices of which are subject to seasonal fluctuations: meat, milk, eggs, “borscht set” products.

“When buying on the wholesale market, the price fluctuation for these products is high. Both the government and business need a more or less accurate forecast of price fluctuations. Direct contracts contain a formula for the conditional fair price of goods, which ultimately helps to reduce the final cost of products.” shelf “, – explained the deputy minister.

He recalled that at the beginning of this year, the government instructed the regions to increase the number of small trade formats (markets, fairs, objects of non-stationary and mobile trade, specially designated places of trade for the population, etc.). At the same time, regional authorities should provide assistance in obtaining the required number of locations for non-stationary and mobile shopping facilities, trading places at fairs and retail markets. In addition, the regions should renew agreements for the placement of non-stationary and mobile trading facilities without holding tenders, as well as amend the necessary acts and simplify the issues of organizing and running a small trading business.

As a result, according to Evtukhov, in 2021 the number of fairs in Russia increased, in relation to 2019, the pre-pandemic year, by 30%. And in relation to 2020 – by 60%.

In addition, now in the State Duma awaits the first consideration of a bill developed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade aimed at supporting and developing non-stationary and mobile distribution trade.

All these measures should lead to an improvement in the situation with prices, first of all, for fresh perishable products: meat and fish products, vegetables, fruits, berries, Viktor Yevtukhov believes.

Earlier today, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture announced the allocation of an additional 5 billion rubles to support vegetable growers, which will increase the supply on the market by 15%. Due to the rise in prices for vegetables and meat, the Ministry of Economic Development downgraded the inflation forecast from 5.8% to 7.4%.

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