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A recent study revealed 10 of the most famous Chileans worldwide. This is a survey carried out by the Fundación Imagen de Chile, who investigated the most influential national figures. So, yesart and literature are the areas that lead this list.

Who are the most famous Chileans?

Image in country in culture and heritage is the name of the survey carried out by Fundación Imagen de Chile in collaboration with ProChile and InvestChile. What’s more, the undersecretaries of foreign relations and tourism participated.

The research seeks to analyze the image that 12 cities around the world have of some characters of the national culture. A) Yes, The 10 most famous and influential Chileans were determined according to their impacts in various areas.

Complete list
Complete list

As was probably anticipated, is the Nobel Prize-winning writer in Literature, Pablo Neruda, who tops the list. In fact, literature is strongly positioned in the names of the most famous Chileans in the world, with Isabel Allende in second place and Gabriela Mistral in fifth place. For his part, Roberto Bolaño also managed to enter the list in seventh position.

Music also achieved great positions. Mon Laferte remained with the tenth position of the list, while the icons of national folklore, Víctor Jara and Violeta Parra, remained with the sixth and eighth position, respectively.

Finally, actors are also part of the list of the most famous Chileans. The star of A Fantastic Woman, Daniela Vega, achieved the fourth position, while the protagonist of The Mandalorian, Pedro Pascal, was in third place.

It should be noted that the national architecture also achieved an important mention. And it is that the Chilean architect, Alejandro Aravena, managed to stay with the ninth position on the list.

Complete list:

  1. Pablo Neruda
  2. Isabel Allende
  3. Pedro Pascal
  4. Daniela vega
  5. Gabriela Mistral
  6. Victor Jara
  7. Roberto Bolaños
  8. Violeta Parra
  9. Alejandro Aravena
  10. My Laferte

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