The new clip of -M- was produced in Liège in the studios of Camera-etc

“Big ears” is the title of Matthieu Chedid’s new music video, alias -M-. It was produced in the Camera-etc studios in Liège. This is an animated clip. It is visible on internet.

“Grandes Oreilles” is one of the three songs written by -M- for the record-book “Grandes Oreilles Tout Oreilles” which will be published on November 4 by Editions Robert Laffont / Wagram Livres. This musical and poetic tale about difference and self-acceptance is intended for young audiences. It was written by the poet and writer Andrée Chedid. It is told by his son: Louis Chedid. Matthieu, the author’s grandson, therefore took care of the music and his sister, Emilie, of the illustrations. Emilie Chedid knew the work of Camera-etc. “It was Wagram, the structure which is managed by the Chedid family, who contacted us.”, says Bastien Martin, coordinator-producer of Camera-etc, “Quite simply because Emilie Chedid has just illustrated a short story from their grandmother, Andrée Chedid, and there was a desire to accompany this release with a clip which would be the illustration of one of the three songs that Matthieu Chedid composed for the book. So the Wagram company contacted us asking us if we were interested. We responded positively. “

The Liège company had to work very quickly. “We mobilized two fairly experienced animators at home who really did all of the animation. We have a third animator who took care of the entire strory-board phase. Then, we have a technician who s’ was doing the video editing and a bit of the sound editing, because there were a few small effects to add. We also had the support of three young and very motivated interns. “, explains Bastien Martin., “I hope that it will give an additional opening, to interest other groups, perhaps to interest other publishing houses, other production structures, to show that everything is possible and that we can react fast enough, and hopefully well enough, on different projects. “

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