the new left-wing president wants to lead an "ecological government"

The elected left-wing president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, assured Thursday in front of an audience of businessmen that his presidency, which he will officially assume from March 11, intends to lead the policy of “green government“.

Our government plan proposes to embark on a path of profound change that aims to strengthen social protection, bring our economy out of productive stagnation and tackle the climate crisis.“, declared Gabriel Boric at the closing of the National Business Meetings (Enade) in Santiago, which brings together the main business leaders of the country.

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For economic recovery and job creation to be sustainable, we must address the inevitable challenge posed by the climate crisis. We said it and today I repeat it, we will be a green government“, launched Gabriel Boric, elected in mid-December at the head of a left-wing coalition, including the Communist Party.

The president-elect also said he hoped the country could “play an international role” and “to convince“developed countries to do”greater effort“in the fight against climate change.

We must meet the inevitable challenge posed by the climate crisis

He affirmed his willingness to allocate resources “public and private“necessary for economic recovery while committing to ensure”environmental sustainability and fiscal sustainability“.

Just as we cannot plunder today the nature that we will bequeath to our children, neither can we indebted ourselves irresponsibly to the detriment of future generations.“, he said.

Chilean growth should settle around 11.5% for 2021, after a drop of 5.8% in 2020. But for the first year of his mandate, Gabriel Boric will have to deal with a GDP increase of only 2%, according to plan.

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