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Neymar Jr´s Five

A new qualifying date for the world’s largest five-on-five comes to Tarapacá.

Iquique receives another Red Bull Neymar Jr's Five date.


© Red Bull.Iquique receives another Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five date.

The route of Neymar Jr´s Five, the five against five largest in the world, continues this weekend when i get to Tarapacá Region. The search for the most skilled amateur footballers in Chile who will represent us in the International Final in Qatar will have its second date.

The city ​​of Iquique It is one of the most important stops of this championship, which in its 2020 version could not be completed due to the international health contingency. In the qualifying that if it was reached to dispute, Galácticos Alto Hospicio took first place in the Tarapacá Region, in an exciting definition and rematch of 2019, where they could not triumph.

The Playa Cavancha will receive this Saturday, from 9:00 in the morning, to the different teams that will fight to be the best and the representative of Tarapacá in the National Final. If you live in the area, and want to participate, you can register free in the Red Bull site.

The event features a 80 team limit per qualifier and each of the players must have the Mobility Pass a day, considering sanitary restrictions.


Santiago: Club Palestino / October 02 ILUMINATI

Iquique: Cavancha Beach / October 16

Antofagasta: Las Clamejas / October 23

Valparaíso: To be confirmed / October 30

Santiago: Espacio Don Oscar / November 6

National Final: To be confirmed / November 7

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