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United Kingdom: stuck in the “Partygate”, Boris Johnson faces new revelations. While the British Prime Minister is targeted by calls for resignation within his majority because of his presence at a party in Downing Street in full lockdown, his situation was further complicated Thursday after the publication of embarrassing information from the Daily Telegraph. The daily reports another party still in full confinement, but this time on the eve of the funeral of Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth, while the country was in national mourning. According to the newspaper, staff working in Boris Johnson’s office at 10 Downing Street gathered to celebrate the departure of two members of the Head of Government’s team, Communications Director James Slack and one Boris Johnson’s personal photographers.

Quebec lifts its curfew and reopens schools on Monday. “We finally see the light at the end of the tunnel”, Quebec Prime Minister François Legault said at a press conference on Thursday, who believes that the measures put in place in the middle of the holiday season have made it possible to slow the progression of the Covid-19. According to him, the French-speaking province has reached the peak of the fifth wave and is on the verge of reaching the peak of hospitalizations. But he called on Quebecers to stay “patients” and confirmed that restaurants, bars, theaters, sports halls and other public places would remain closed for the time being. “In addition, the noose is tightening once again for unvaccinated individuals”, highlighted The duty. Quebec announced Thursday that it has decided to further restrict the places accessible to people who have not been immunized: the vaccine passport will now be required to go to a store of more than 1,500 square meters (excluding supermarkets and pharmacies).

Prince Andrew loses his military and royal titles. The subject of a sexual assault complaint in the United States in the context of the Epstein case, the son of Queen Elizabeth can no longer be baptized “His Royal Highness”, Buckingham Palace said in a statement on Thursday. “This means that Prince Andrew has been completely removed from official royal life”, notice it Guardian, who considers it a “Devastating blow” carried by Buckingham against Andrew. The prince’s lawyers did not obtain on Wednesday the classification without follow-up in the United States of a complaint filed by Virginia Giuffre, a 38-year-old woman who accuses him of having sexually assaulted her as a teenager. This decision could lead to a trial.

Climate: heat and humidity, a bad mixture for the productivity of outdoor work. According to a study published Thursday in the journal Environmental Research Letters, this humid heat causes the loss of 677 billion working hours and 2,100 billion dollars per year in the world, in particular in the construction and agricultural sectors. US researchers believe that global warming is already responsible for an acceleration in the loss of productivity in India or China and that other humid regions, such as the southeastern United States, could also be affected by important way.

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