Darrell Brooks

The death toll from being hit by a car during a Christmas parade in the US city of Waukesha, Wisconsin, rose to six, after a child failed to resist the injuries. There are also 62 wounded.

Motorist Darrell Brooks, 39, is being prosecuted for five murders and now faces a sixth indictment, prosecutor Susan Opper said.

Darrell Brooks is accused of having intentionally advanced on a crowd participating in the annual Christmas parade in Waukesha, a small town near Milwaukee.

On Tuesday, the driver appeared before a judge at the city court, who officially filed the five counts of murder, all with a sentence of life imprisonment.

“Unfortunately, I wanted to point out to the court that we learned of the death of a child in this case,” said Susan Opper, noting that the sixth indictment would be announced shortly.

The man kept his head down for most of the audience, looking like he was sobbing.

“There are no words to describe the risks this defendant poses to the community, not just the risk of flight, but the danger of his past violence,” added Susan Opper, who asked for a $5 million in damages.

A Milwaukee native, Darren Brooks has a heavy judicial past, having been involved in a dozen cases since 2000 in three US states, according to the prosecution.

In 2020, Darren Brooks was indicted for putting others in danger after shooting his nephew in an argument.

A few days before the tragedy in Waukesha, the man had been released on bail after being sued for domestic violence, paying a thousand dollars (about 889 euros).

The fatal victims are four women, a man and a child.

The trampling occurred as dance groups, school music bands and local politicians paraded down Main Street.

The suspect, who was driving a red all-terrain vehicle, knocked down several barriers placed for the parade, around 16.39 local hours (22.30 in mainland Portugal) and advanced on the crowd.

A police officer tried to neutralize him by shooting at him, but because of the crowd gathered in the area to watch the parade, he had to stop shooting, so as not to take any victims.

Brooks was detained by police near the scene of the incident.

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