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The blues will wear a particular shirt, recalling historical shirts, in their presentation at the summer tournament, the one that debuts against Colo Colo, where some players changed their number, while the reinforcements already chose theirs.

The Blues present new clothing for the 2022 season.
© Press – U. de ChileThe Blues present new clothing for the 2022 season.

As the president of Azul Azul, Michael Clark, had said, University of Chile will play with a new shirt in the summer tournament, where they will debut against Colo Colo in the Super classic.

A limited edition shirt, which is already being sold to its fans in the club’s virtual store, which will have its first match against the archrival, where it shows off with blue and white stripes, like some historical ones that Universidad de Chile has had .

A new shirt that also brings new numbers for the season, where the most striking is that Pablo Aránguiz goes to number 8, which became vacant with the departure of Augusto Barrios.

Some of the reinforcements also chose their number for the National Championship, where Hernán Galindez stands out with the 12, Jimmy Martínez with the 4, Bastían Tapia with the 34, Juanma Carrasco with the number 5 and Ronni Fernandez with the number 19.

While among the players who could not travel, Jeisson Vargas has 10, while captain Felipe Seymour his historic 14.

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