The open letter of Russian doctors to anti-vaccines to visit ICUs in the face of high level of deaths from coronavirus

Doctors from the main hospitals in Russia specialized in coronavirus covid-19 Today they invited politicians and personalities against vaccination, in an open letter, to visit intensive care units (ucis) and morgues, at a time when mortality levels are approaching the record.

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“We know your position regarding vaccination. Now we are quite busy and you can already imagine what. However, considering how many people read and listen to them, we will find time to take them through the ‘red zones’, ucis and morgues of our hospitals “, they point out in the letter.

“Maybe after that your position will change and fewer people will die. We wait for you”, urge in the letter.

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Among the anti-vaccines mentioned in the open letter are Russian Duma deputies Gennadi Zyuganov, general secretary of the Russian Communist Party, and Sergey Mironov of Fair Russia.

In addition, copies of the letter were sent to the Vice President of the Russian Duma Pyotr Tolstoy; Deputy Viacheslav Lisakov; the folk-rock singer Yuri Lozá; the leader of the rock band Alisa Konstantín Kínchev, and the actors María Shukshina, Egor Beróyev and Oskar Kuchere, among other renowned anti-vaccines.

The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, today valued “very positively” the open letter from hospital directors and expressed his confidence that the “undisputed prestige” of its signatories will help at least some of the recipients to change their minds.

In his daily telephone press conference, Peskov admitted that in the country there is a sector of the population that is against the vaccine, but stressed that it is a situation that occurs in all countries, “in some more than in others.”

Although the number of infections is gradually reduced, until it fell to 33,558 cases during the last day, just 438 less than the day before, the number of deaths was 1,240, close to the absolute daily maximum of 1,254.




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