the overwhelming tribute his daughter has in store for him

For the 20th anniversary of Gilbert Bécaud’s death, his daughter Emily Bécaud is preparing a virtual duet with her famous father. A box of three CDs and a tribute book must also be released …

It’s been almost 20 years since Gilbert Bécaud left this world. For pay homage to his father deceased on December 18, 2001 at the age of 74, his daughter Emily Bécaud is preparing a virtual duo of My Emotions, in which she sings with her father, an English title that he composed for Demis Roussos. “The fits perfectly with our history“said the daughter of the late singer to the Parisian. The track and its clip are due out on October 22, two months before the twentieth anniversary of Gilbert Bécaud’s death. and two days before the 94th anniversary of his birth.

Gilbert Bécaud: a shower of tributes

But that’s not all. On November 19, Emily Bécaud published a box of three CDs, entitled I come back for you, containing the singer’s greatest titles, including two songs she sang in duet with him and two pieces written with Charles Aznavour. a tribute book, We come back to look for you, is also due out in November. A book written by Claude Lemesle, one of the favorite lyricists of the late artist, and Jacques Pessis, his friend.

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