The Peronists of the Round Bed

It was difficult for him to explain to the government, for the ceremony next Sunday, if the central slogan was against the IMF or in favor of the IMF. Singular delirium, the sides could not resolve this internal dispute. And they suspended the call with the childish excuse that they could not march on Mother’s Day. Old the conflict with the debt: already in Alfonsín’s time, a period that Alberto now seems to appreciate, the Coordinating Board embraced a march with the slogan of not paying. They went arm in arm across the square, Grinspun was a minister. And then they paid. They have even changed their minds since then, they were young. Now the Fernándezes face the same concern but with staff in their seventies, people whose biography begins after the age of 30 and who from “making the revolution” went on to make “the demographic explosion” (Emilio Pérsico, for example, has at least ten children). The Cristina’s son said that paying a dollar to the IMF was taking the children’s bread — and the graduate trips, of course.-, while Minister Guzmán obtained from the organism a rare promise to the two demands of the vice president: if we ever give more time to pay a country, Argentina will be able to access that benefit. A nonsense that Cristina liked. On the other hand, nothing has been achieved so far about a lowering of the interest rate due to the fines and the lady is still locked in negative silence. Manzur traveled as if he were an expert, he believes that certain relationships will open doors to improve the Argentine situation in the body. Alberto passed the agreement for next year and Guzmán navigates in a personal cloud: He said that the exchange rate gap is not dangerous, it does not take into account the country risk and less, apparently, the inflation rate. It is understood then the incognito on being in favor or against the IMF and the suspension of the act.

Cristina is happy

Another enigma for the celebration: cheering Cristina or Alberto? Another fundamental doubt that was dispelled by erasing the call. Another disagreement between his own and General Perón was left without the annual memory of October 17, as in the times of the Liberator: it seems that Loyalty is not a common theme in the ruling party. It was also disconcerting for a President who dreamed of being the only speaker in front of one of the most numerous demonstrations in recent times. There will be no one man show. And for the second time in a month, he resigns that imagined popularity bath, since the same stokers who failed on this occasion had also summoned for a vindication of the jacked president 48 hours after the Paso. It couldn’t be either. The well-known hosts – social groups like Evita, Persico and Navarro, some mayors and others amancebados – are serial candidates for frustration or they cannot deliver what they promise. AND Meanwhile, Alberto dedicates himself to other less daring tasks, ringing in a house, singing with a cumbiero payador or riding a sulky. Although the carriage is for two people, he does not invite Cristina.

Alberto Fernández has early prenatal leave

If the call for the 17th failed, another one comes from strength to strength for the 18th, exclusively in charge of the CGT. “We are going to do it the same, yes or yes, whether they like it or not”, was the initial response of the labor union to the government and to representatives such as Maximum Kirchner, who asked for a postponement until new authorities are elected on Azopardo Street. They ignored him and moved forward with their project to support the government, although it was foolish to host two acts with the same defensive purpose and on two consecutive days. “We are going to do it our way, from beginning to end”, almost demanding special invitations to those who want to join. They will not discriminate but will observe each of those present. As in the old days: party monitored by the union apparatus, without the butts of then, or perhaps more disguised. Almost an offense for Christianity, this forced handover to the bureaucracy: it did not figure in the formation of Máximo, not to mention the history of Pérsico & Cía., Less in that of his mother, now protected and delivered to the fat and old from Lingeri to Rodríguez, from Moyano to Cavalieri, from Martínez to Barrionuevo. Like a big round bed in which Alberto, the beneficiary, is a voyeur. Outside the window, the acolytes of La Cámpora, the ruling CTA or the Palazzo bankers who have already charged with designations on the lists have parked. The opposite of those who today organize the event on Monday. Curious ending, unfair: government beneficiaries stand in the queue, crestfallen but empowered, they are not what they seemed to be. And those who seemed buried or on the verge of death, despised by the widow and her son, also by Alberto and Zannini, the Patria and Cafiero, appear at their total service. And with a crowd in his favor. Sure, they hope to collect 25% of the funds from social work. Not everything is free. On the street they will say on Monday, like the opposition, like the businessmen, like Cristina, like the social groups, that the new motto is to modify welfare at work. Attention: another wave of subsidies is landing.

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