Consequences of a train crash

The collision investigation took 1.5 years because the police submitted more reports and had to wait for the final reports of the Railway Inspectorate and the Railway Administration. The accident was investigated by the police as a crime of general negligence. At the beginning of January, however, the case was postponed.

“The cause of the accident was probably the sudden medical condition of the 41-year-old driver just before the accident,” Richter told Novinka, adding that the case had been postponed, “because the case is not a suspected crime and there is no need to settle the matter otherwise.”

Record: Rescue of trains in Český Brod

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The accident took place on 14 July 2020 in Český Brod in the Štolmíř area on the main line between Prague and Kolín. The CityElefant passenger train traveling from Prague’s Masaryk railway station to Řečan nad Labem drove back to the ČD Cargo postal train behind the signal at the Český Brod station. The sets were stuck together after the accident.

The driver of the passenger train just died in the accident. 35 passengers were injured, four of them seriously. Eight wounded were minors. After the accident, the then Minister of Transport, Karel Havlíček, indicated that human error could be behind the accident, because the track on which the collision occurred is the best secured in the Czech Republic. The damage was estimated by the Railway Inspectorate at 45 million crowns. The track was closed for many hours because the consequences were difficult to clear.

Consequences of a train crash

Photo: Railway Administration

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