The Pope: «As children they gave us vaccines and nobody said a word»

On board the papal plane, Sep 15 (EFE) .- Pope Francis reiterated today his position in favor of vaccination against covid-19 and affirmed today that when we were children “they gave us vaccines and no one said anything,” as he pointed out during the press conference on the flight back from his trip. to Budapest and Slovakia.

“It is a bit strange” that now people do not want to be vaccinated when “we have a long history” of vaccinations such as polio or measles, the pope told reporters.

Although he explained that perhaps the anti-vaccines have been carried away “by the uncertainty and by the great diversity of vaccines, some with a reputation for being even distilled water” or, he added, by the false news that they inoculated the virus.

He recalled that even “within the College of Cardinals some are deniers and one ended up admitted” for the coronavirus. He was referring to the American Cardinal Raymond Burke, who was hospitalized for several weeks and who expressed positions against vaccines.

“They have to be clarified and spoken with serenity,” added the pope, who stressed: “In the Vatican we are all vaccinated except a small group who are studying how to help them.”

Francisco has made several calls for people to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, considering it “an act of love.”

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