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The Pope has pointed out that building a more just and caring society involves protecting and listening to the victims of violence, especially women, and has urged that their suffering “be taken into account and heard.”

“Dear brothers and sisters, I thank you for your work of assistance and support to those who have suffered mistreatment and live in anguish and discomfort. With your important work, you contribute to building a more just and supportive society ”, the Pontiff assured after greeting the members of the Italian Association of Victims of Violence present at the general audience on Wednesday. Francisco has requested in this sense that his example inspire in all “a renewed commitment, so that the victims of violence are protected.”

Before giving the catechesis, the Pope met with a group of faithful and pilgrims in St. Peter’s Basilica who, due to space reasons and in the context of the pandemic, could not enter the Paul VI Hall of the Vatican. Among them were the members of the Italian Association that defends the rights of abused people, in situations of distress, especially women.

The Pope has also dedicated a thought to the lonely people, to the sick in hospitals, to those who live in prisons, in reception centers and in existential peripheries. Finally, he urged the faithful to “welcome the love of God, source and reason” of “true joy”. “In communion with your pastors, announce Christ with your life, in your family and in all settings,” he assured.

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