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At a press conference, Amazfit introduced the third generation of smart watches with a round (GTR, R means round at the end) and a square display (GTS, square). There are three models, all of which are planned for the Czech market. The following table best illustrates the differences in equipment:

GTR 3 Pro GTR 3 GTS 3
Display size 1.45 “(round) 1.39 “(round) 1,75″ (square)
Display type AMOLED Ultra HD AMOLED HD AMOLED Ultra HD
Display to body ratio 70,6 % 66 % 72,4 %
Fineness of the display 331 ppi 326 ppi 341 ppi
Battery capacity 450 mAh 450 mAh 250 mAh
Battery life 12 days 21 days 12 days
Speaker year born born
Wi-Fi year born born
Music storage 2,3 GB born born
Calls via Bluetooth year born born
Mass 32 g 32 g 24,4 g
Number of sports modes 150+ 150+ 150+
Swivel crown control Year Year Year
Automatic activity detection Year Year Year

The watch runs on the Zepp OS operating system, works with Android and Apple iPhones. The user interface does not currently have a Czech version, but should be ready by Christmas.

Sports activities can be exported to the Diet, Relive, Runkeeper, and TrainingPeaks platforms. There are more than 150 dials to choose from (some of them allow you to change the content of widgets, there is also the possibility of creating a dial with your own photo). It is interesting to mention Alex’s voice control, but let’s wait and see what this will mean in practice.

The BioTracker PPG 3.0 optical sensor allows you to measure your heart rate and SpO blood oxygenation in 45 seconds2, respiratory rate and stress. The watch monitors sleep, long-term condition and menstrual cycle, and is waterproof up to 50 meters.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

In addition to the basic ones, the top model has Wi-Fi, a speaker (the watch will serve as a loud handsfree for a smartphone connected via Bluetooth) and an internal memory with a capacity of 2.3 GB, in which music can be stored (played in the speaker or wireless headphones). ). The tax for advanced features is a maximum battery life of 12 days.

Click for larger image
In addition to the touch screen, a rotating crown can also be used for control.

GTR 3 a GTS 3

If the advanced features listed on the Pro model don’t appeal to you, save money and, in the case of the Amazfit GTR 3, also the battery – it’s the same size, but with less hardware requirements, the endurance jumps up to three weeks. The body is aluminum, the display according to the specification is a bit smaller.

Click for larger imageClick for larger image
GTR 3 looks like a higher model GTR 3 Pro, on the contrary, you can recognize the angular GTS 3 at first sight.

If you prefer a square display, there is Amazfit GTS 3. The view of the dimensions of the display in the table mate, we must realize that in the case of a circle it is a diameter, in this case it is a diagonal. In fact, the GTS 3 is noticeably more subtle, and this can be seen in the lower weight and smaller battery.

Prices and availability

Cheaper GTR 3 and GTS 3 models start at CZK 3,890, the more expensive Amazfit GTR 3 Pro starts at CZK 4,990. More expensive variants of other materials and premium straps are probably planned, but we do not know the details.

The watch should be ordered from October 12 on the website, On October 15, sales will start at selected partners.

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