The position of the Police for the death of the Greek lieutenant in Limassol

“The case was never closed. In cases where a dead person is found, a death investigation is carried out by a death investigator. The investigative material is collected and forwarded to be determined by the death investigator if a criminal act occurs or if it is an unnatural death “, said the Spokesman of the Police, Christos Andreou, speaking to Tomes in Evidence, regarding the case of the death of the Greek lieutenant .

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He also said that the case was investigated and a criminal file was formed with evidence.

“From the first moment, the scene was closed and evidence was received that was sent for scientific examinations. “On behalf of the family, there was a medical examiner who was present at the legal autopsy,” he said.

Mr. Andreou added that from the first indications on the scene it was found that there was a criminal act while it seems that it has not been mentioned that a handwritten note was found next to the 29-year-old and his writing type was recognized by his brother “.

In the note, according to Mr. Andreou, the 29-year-old seems to have said goodbye to friends and relatives.

“Six months ago, the mother challenged the handwritten note and handed over other handwritten notes from the 29-year-old. “Examinations by an expert revealed that it was written by the deceased,” he said.

Regarding the medical examiner, Mr. Andreou explained that the medical examiners are an independent body and that he considered that, according to the available data, he did not need to attend.

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