the Premier League is already looking soft at the Bruges nugget Charles De Ketelaere

Boy reserved in life, Charles De Ketelaere has taken on all the light in recent weeks. His performances in the Champions League have aroused the interest of some big English clubs. And it is not his rise to the game and his goal against Italy in the League of Nations that will temper him. The Daily Express, lists the contenders foremost among which is the Liverpool of Jurgen Klopp.

Impressively mature, De Ketelaere puts together the pieces of the puzzle of his career. With calm, mastery and talent. Trained as an attacking midfielder, the lanky Bruges resident evolves with as much ease a notch higher. Philippe Clement relies on his intelligence, technical finesse and versatility to lead the blauw attack in zwart. Brilliant against PSG, decisive passer against Leipzig, CDK marked the spirits in the Champions League.

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For his first “real” appearance for the Devils (he had played one minute against Switzerland), De Ketelaere was once again attractive against Italy. In half an hour, he deposited his business card and made a date for the future. His goal – a shot slipped between Donnarumma’s legs – completed his stat line and gave some sparkle to his performance.

This has not escaped the English clubs, always on the lookout for talent. According to the British press, Leicester City, Arsenal, Manchester United and especially Liverpool are already giving him soft eyes. Jurgen Klopp would see De Ketelaere as a player likely to bring creativity to his squad. The Red Devil will undoubtedly need to grow physically to evolve in the Premier League. And that’s good because FC Bruges knows that it has a nugget and does not want to let go too quickly, at least not this winter. The English sirens could come and sing in his ears as early as next summer.

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