President Alberto Fernndez and representatives of CATT and CGT Left to Right Sergio Sasia Pablo Moyano Cristian Jernimo and Mario Paco Manrique Photo sasia
President Alberto Fernández and representatives of the CATT and CGT: (Left to Right) Sergio Sasia, Pablo Moyano, Cristian Jerónimo and Mario “Paco” Manrique. Photo @sasia

President Alberto Fernández again spoke with the trade unions, in this case to analyze an agenda of trade union issues related to transportation, during a one and a half hour meeting held this Thursday at the Olivos estate with the presence of leaders Pablo Moyano, Sergio Sasia and Mario Manrique, among other references of the CGT.

The meeting, communicated on Friday by the trade union delegation and confirmed by sources from the Presidency, lasted an hour and a half with the participation of Moyano (co-secretary general of the labor union), Sasia (head of the Argentine Confederation of Transport Workers and of the Railway Union), Manrique (attached to Smata) and Cristian Jerónimo, of the glass union.

“The CGT delegation, which yesterday (Thursday) at noon had raised the problem of transport before the minister of the area Alexis Guerrera, detailed before the President, in Olivos, the vicissitudes that maritime and fluvial activity is going through” , Sasia pointed out in statements to Télam.

The head of the CATT affirmed that after talking for two hours with Guerrera, the union delegation met with the Head of State in Olivos to discuss the current situation of the merchant marine and the need to generate policies in defense of the sector, of national sovereignty and of the workers who were declared essential during the pandemic.

In a dialogue with this agency, Sasia pointed out that one of the topics of the meeting was the need for Congress to pass a Federal Transportation Law, which is one of the current demands of the CATT, entities that it heads together with unionist Juan Carlos Schmid. (Dredging and Marking).

“The CATT and the CGT have already held meetings with several ministers who are related to the issue and the President agreed and highlighted the strategic importance that a standard of these characteristics would have for the Nation,” said the general secretary of the railway workers.

Another point that was addressed during the meeting in Olivos was the union request that the validity of the coverage of the Occupational Risk Insurers (ART) be extended in the face of the emergence of the third wave of coronavirus in the country with the variant Ómicron and that it also be treated as an occupational disease.

“Those were the issues raised for an hour and a half by the CGT and the CATT before the President, among others. It was a relaxed and productive meeting,” added Sasia finally.

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