the Prime Minister received the memo from Commissioner Facon

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo received on Thursday evening from the Corona Police Station a detailed note concerning “scenarios for maximizing immunization coverage in our country“, we learned from its services. This was shared with all the members of the consultation committee, with a view to the meeting scheduled for next week.

Scenarios for maximizing immunization coverage in our country

The documents and opinions were also sent to the Presidency of the Chamber, where the Health Commission will organize the work, including the hearings, in order to assess the advisability of carrying out compulsory vaccination.

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According to our colleagues from Free, this report would recommend the replacement of the Covid Safe Ticket by a “Corona certificate”, reserved only for vaccinated persons. Pedro Facon would not argue for compulsory vaccination in the strict sense of the term.

On November 18, the Consultative Committee asked the Corona police station to examine all existing avenues, taking into account legal and ethical aspects as well as the motivation for vaccination. A meeting with the minister-presidents was also held in the early evening concerning the establishment of a barometer, another subject on the agenda of the next consultation committee.

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