Nicole Neumann She is one of the most prominent models in the country thanks to her important career on the catwalks and in the world of fashion.

He is currently going through one of his best moments, after a controversial separation from with Fabian Cubero Nicole he fell in love again and rebuilt his life.

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Nicole Neumann (Photo: instagram).

That is why he currently decided to move house and spend a few warm days with his partner Juan Manuel Urcera in the lands of Miami, United States.

As is usual Nicole Neumann he usually shares postcards regarding his day to day life and his vacation in Miami was not going to be the exception.

“Training and good eyesight are always a good idea !!”

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Nicole Neumann (Photo: instagram).

This particular message can be read in the description of the two photos he shared Nicole Neuman after exercising. But what a surprise he was when he saw the comments.

On the postcard you can see that the model ended up with dirty feet after his routine and instagram users did not let it be overlooked.

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Nicole Neumann (Photo: instagram).

The repercussion

Before the small detail that Nicole Neuman overlooked when taking the picture and that his followers did not appear, a new question arose.

At the end of the photograph Nicole He signed saying that he had a luxury photographer referring to Juan Manuel, but clearly it was not so.

Now Argentina

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