With his particular style and his funny way of joking and telling jokes, Darius Barassi managed to earn a spot as one of the star drivers of The thirteen, as well as also obtained the title of being one of the favorite characters of the public.

In command of the entertainment program “100 Argentines say”, The comedian knew how to carry forward the families who show up to play day after day, and in addition to keeping spicy back and forth with them, he took advantage of his air time to tell some of his strangest experiences.

This is how several weeks ago, the presenter revealed the terrible moment he lived by the hand of his daughter when a capybara entered his home: “Instead of taking it out, I locked myself in the room and googled it. I grabbed my daughter, and asked Siri (the virtual assistant of the cell phone): What is a capybara? Down was Luli (his partner) with a broom fighting ”.

I was alone in my pajamas, with my daughter, praying an Our Father and googling what a capybara is. What a horrible animal! I called the guard and three came. The guys with a ‘we’re going to be a science’ face enter and clap twice… The capybara leaves. With two applause they took it out”, He concluded in horror.

After this incredible story, a fan of Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, decided to approach his trusted tattoo artist and ask him to portray that situation on his skin, and proudly showed the final design where Barassi is seen screaming with his little girl with a sunglasses emoji -which he always uses to cover his face- and a capybara with a villain face next to him.

Clearly this “madness” came at the hands of Darío, who did not hesitate to republish the fan’s tattoo on his Instagram stories and excitedly wrote: “Pee, we are tattoooo”.


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