The virtual football video game most popular on the planet could follow in the footsteps of its historic rival, eFootball. Amid much speculation about the future of the series, EA Sports would already have chosen the name that will replace the classic FIFA. And the reasons for this would be nothing more than a break with his main partner, the International Federation of Association Football.

According to a report by The New York Times, the American video game publisher and the mother house of world football have been without agreeing on the extension of the contract which will end in 2022, when we would eventually have the next FIFA 23 on consoles and PC.

The apparent reason that blocked the negotiations is, unsurprisingly, economics. Sources close to both companies revealed that said $ 150 million contract that EA pays to FIFA per year, and that the latter intends to double on a potential renewal to exceed $ 1 billion every four years.

At present, said contract is exclusive and no one else can use the FIFA brand for video game related products. In the same way, “the conversations stalled because neither FIFA nor EA agree on the rights that this exclusivity implies,” they assured from the NY Times.

FIFA 23: With a new name and without a World Cup?

Kylian Mbappé, the figure of PSG and FIFA 22.

Apparently EA Sports would be interested in exploiting the rights beyond just creating video games year after year. For its part, FIFA believes it could make further gains by license your brand to other companies in the same video game segment.

However, the same sources indicate that EA Sports currently has a slight edge because of its position. And it is that the first analysis indicates that if the football game changes the name, the loss would not be so great because technically the only FIFA tournament that could not show with its official logos would be the world Cup.

In contrast, the rest of club licenses and individual competitions, such as the Champions League, the Libertadores or the Premier of England they are negotiated independently of FIFA. In fact, EA Sports recently announced that renewed the contract with the FIFPro organization, the world union of professional soccer players that watches over their image rights.

Should the negotiations fail, EA Sports already took the first step thinking about the future of the FIFA saga by registering a new name with the European and UK patent and intellectual property offices: EA Sports FC.

The idea of ​​renaming FIFA may be no more than a preventive measure. But maybe it has to do with just registering a proper name, which was even seen within the game as a social hub for reviewing various multiplayer options, as it appeared since FIFA 15.

FIFA International Soccer, the forerunner of the EA Sports soccer video game saga.

FIFA International Soccer, the forerunner of the EA Sports soccer video game saga.

It should be remembered that the popular soccer video game has already changed its name in the past. The first was called FIFA International Soccer, a name that could even be chosen in the future. Although, according to reports, another name that stings in point is EA Sports FC.

The second edition of the saga directly already carried the associated year. It was FIFA 95, and so it remained for 27 editions until the recent launch of October 1, FIFA 22.


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