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The day has been marked by long lines at the voting centers and the high vote that Parisi is getting.

20:10 With 40.52% of the tables scrutinized, the new Servel count indicates that Kast and Boric are still in the lead and confirm the second round with 28.86% and 24.12%, respectively. They are followed by Parisi with 13.67%; Provoste (12.52%); Sebastián Sichel (11.90%); Enríquez-Ominami (7.53%) and Artés (1.40%).

20:00 Sebastián Sichel recognizes his defeat from his command, “it did not go well for us, it is good to admit it”. The Chilean candidate Vamos por Más said that “it is evident that this campaign or candidacy did not go to the second presidential round.” He also said that he will not vote for Gabriel Boric and that he is willing to talk with José Antonio Kast.

19:50 The number of votes counted continues to increase and the new information from the Servel shows that with 30.16% of the counted tables, the trend continues and Kast prevails with 29.05%, followed by Boric with 23.83%; further back they go Parisi with 13.73%; Provoste (12.75%); Sebastián Sichel (11.79%); Enríquez-Ominami (7.46%) and Artés (1.39%).

19:40 The Electoral Service announces its new official count with 19.97% of the polls scrutinized nationally and internationally. José Antonio Kast, candidate of the Christian Social Pact leads with 29.31%, followed by Gabriel Boric from Approve Dignity, with 23.47%. In third place goes Franco Parisi with 13.78%, Yasna Provoste with 13.06%, Sebastián Sichel with 11.72%, Marco Enríquez-Ominami 7.3% and finally, Eduardo Artés with 1.37%.

19:20 In a new calculation of the Servel, the trend is maintained with Boric and Kast in the first places, since with 10.86% of the counted tables, the results so far indicate that José Antonio Kast leads the contest with 29.30% followed by Gabriel Boric with 23.61%.

Further behind Franco Parisi with 13.81%; Yasna Provoste (13.33%); Sebastian Sichel (11.57%); Marco Enríquez-Ominami (7.04%) and Eduardo Artés with 1.34%

19:00 As the minutes go by, the scrutiny progresses at a higher speed, so that the most recent calculation of the Servel shows that with 4.39% of the counted tables José Antonio Kast prevails with 28.57%, him Gabriel Boric follows with 24.88%; followed by Franco Parisi (13.67%); Yasna Provoste (13.65%); Sebastián Sichel (11.31%); Marco Enríquez-Ominami (6.56%) and Eduardo Artés with 1.35%.

18:50 The Electoral Service announces its new official count with 1.04% of the polls scrutinized nationally and internationally. Gabriel Boric, candidate of Approve Dignity leads with 34.55%, followed by José Antonio Kast, from the Christian Social Pact, with 24.45%. In third place is Yasna Provoste with 11.89%, Franco Parisi with 11.50%, Sebastián Sichel with 10.94%, Marco Enríquez-Ominami 5.08% and finally, Eduardo Artés with 1.59%.

18:45 With a total of 148 polling tables of 46,887, corresponding to 0.31%, both in Chile and abroad, the candidate for Approval Dignity, Gabriel Boric (CS) with 59.19%, is followed by José Antonio Kast of Christian Social Front with 14.62%. Following them are Sebastián Sichel (10.61%); Yasna Provoste (6.69%); Franco Parisi (4.03%); Marco Enríquez-Ominami (2.57%) and Eduardo Artés (2.29%).

18:20 The closing of tables started at 6:00 p.m., although in some polling places voters are still entering to fulfill their right to vote, the government ministers begin to arrive at La Moneda, from where they will wait for the final results of this first presidential round, where until now it seems certain that it will be the candidates of the Christian Social Front, Hosé Antonio Kast (Republican Party) and the candidate of Approve Dignity, Gabriel Boric (CS) who will face each other in the December 19 ballot

18:05 The servel begins to report on the foreign vote. With 53% of the tables scrutinized, Gabriel Boric prevails with 62.11%, followed by José Antonio Kast with 13.61%. This corresponds to 0.28% of the total vote.

6:00 p.m. When the clock strikes 6:00 p.m., the official time is fulfilled, according to what the Servel stipulates, so that it is available at the closing of tables.

However, in several areas of the country, including the capital, there are many voting centers where long lines of people are kept waiting to cast their vote.

This journey has been marked by high temperatures and the large influx of citizens to the polls, for this reason is that in the last few minutes the capacity established as a sanitary measure has been compromised, given the need to accelerate the process.

17:00 Chileans residing abroad were able to participate in the electoral day. In fact, in several countries the results have been released unofficially.

And it is that the counts registered outside of Chile They will be announced by the Servel once the results of the votes cast in the national territory begin to be disseminated.

What is known so far is that in European countries such as Spain and Sweden, Gabriel Boric leads the vote. While in China it is José Antonio Kast who leads the preference of the votes cast.

14:50 When there are just over three hours until the official deadline for electoral day is fulfilled, long lines of citizens are registered waiting to exercise their right to vote in the capital and regions of the country.

Opinions are diverse on voting center grounds. While some accuse that the process has been slow, there are those who assure that it did not take long to vote.

Among those who take 45 minutes and up to more than two hours to vote, inside the voting centers the board members try to speed up the entry of voters to avoid that the day lasts until after 6:00 in the afternoon. We recall that the norm indicates that the polls cannot be closed if there are voters waiting.

13:30 After a low-key morning, the seventh candidate on the presidential ballot, Franco Parisi told TVN that this election Sunday “is not the time to talk about me”.

“I have planned to go to Chile (…) but I can’t say. Don’t worry, the time will come when I get to Chile,” said Parisi. During the interview, the candidate of the People’s Party said that He hopes that politicians of the new generation will enter these elections.

“I hope we have new protagonists in politics, where the ME-O, the Parisi are going to remain in history, “said the US-based candidate.

When asked if with his statement he would cancel his own presidential race, Parisi replied: “We are old enough, but if I get president, I get president and I also go down in history.”

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12:30 Presidential candidate Marco Enríquez-Ominami, before going to vote, led a breakfast with his campaign team at the headquarters of the Progressive Party.

On the occasion, he took the opportunity to highlight that today is the most important choice in 30 years, while he warned that “if participation is low, the extremes will win.”

The candidate was emphatic in calling all Chileans to vote to generate a change in the country. “The moment is too great and serious.”

11:30 In the first official bulletin delivered today at 10:30 a.m. by the Electoral Service, the president of the Organism’s Board of Directors, Andrés Tagle, pointed out that, of the total of 46,639 tables determined for these votes in Chile, a total of 45,865 are installed. , equivalent to 98.34%.

Abroad, meanwhile, out of a universe of 249 polling stations, which are determined for this election, a total of 155 are installed, equivalent to 62.24%.

In addition, according to his calculations, the closing of tables will end around 6:00 p.m. “I believe that at nine o’clock at night things should be clear regarding the President, the other positions that are chosen follow, “he said.

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10:58 The candidate of Chile Podemos Más, Sebastián Sichel, arrived at his polling place in Las Condes, where a large press display awaited him.

There, he commented that at his command they are “very confident that the silent majority of Chileans will speak” so he urged journalists who insistently asked for his possible support for José Antonio Kast’s program, that the best was “Wait and respect what the Chileans are going to decide.”

Regarding the challenges ahead for whoever is elected, Sichel emphasized that Chile needs a “President with the courage to face crime, but also with the courage to find other agreements (…) Presidents who believe they are going to govern alone are useless.”

Minutes before going to vote, the candidate met with almost all television channels and repeated in each interview that “We are the only option that can beat Gabriel Boric in the second round. I call people to vote for us if they don’t want me to win, “he commented before arriving at his polling place.

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10:30 The candidate of the New Social Pact, Yasna Provoste, voted in Vallenar where she will also await the results of tonight.

After casting her vote, the candidate thanked the support received during the months of the campaign. “We (the candidates) have already spoken. Today it is the citizens who speak, and for us it is very important to be able to listen carefully to the voice of those who participate in this process “he commented.

“It is necessary to recover the governability and the lost peace,” said Provoste.

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9:44 Amid a huge press display, the Republican flag bearer, Jose Antonio Kast, was cautious in his statements, after casting his vote.

Before leaving, he commented that his expectations are that “many people come to vote and that each one can speak freely. We as candidates have already spoken, we had months to campaign and now we have to save our opinions. “

However, before arriving at his polling place, José Antonio Kast took the opportunity to transmit the central ideas of your campaign through your Twitter account, in addition to the challenges ahead.

He explained, for example, that if the president comes out in his government, he will seek that the citizens “believe again.” And for that, the parliamentary result will be “very important,” he said. “Only through strong support from senators and deputies will it be easier to govern”, added.

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9:20 Around 9:15 a.m., as planned, the presidential candidate cast his vote for I approve of Dignidad, Gabriel Boric, in Punta Arenas.

Boric, who minutes before arriving at the voting center offered a couple of interviews to the national and regional press, stressed that he was proud to represent a generational change in politics.
“I hope that today there is a tremendous participation,” said the candidate.

8:00 Before eight o’clock this morning, the President of Servel, Andrés Tagle, informed that everything is ready to live a new election day.

In total, there are up to four ballots that voters will receive: president, deputy and regional councilor, as well as senator in some constituencies.

There are seven candidates for the presidency, while more than 1,200 people are running for the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies.

In the regions of Antofagasta, Coquimbo, O’Higgins, Ñuble, Biobío, Los Ríos, Los Lagos, Magallanes and Metropolitana, they will also receive cards to vote for senators and senators. Abroad, Chilean women and men eligible to vote may vote in the election.

07:30 From early on, the board members have arrived at the respective voting centers throughout the country. The official opening time of tables, according to the provisions of the Servel, is at 8:00 a.m.

While outside of Chile, in Europe the voting process has already begun; and in Asia and Australia the preliminary results are already registered.

In this opportunity, Chileans will be able to choose to the president of the republic, and to the deputies, senators and regional councilors.

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