The return of Marcos Rojo and three other forced changes: Boca thinks about Huracán and Sebastián Battaglia will have to move the chips

Boca’s coach, Sebastian BattagliaYou are already thinking about Saturday’s game against Huracán and that is why on Wednesday there will be the first soccer practice of the week and it is expected that there will be four variants with reference to the team that beat Lanús 4-2.

One of the variants is tactical and is the return to the title of the defender Marcos Rojo, who met the suspension date after being sent off against River. The one who will come out will be Lisandro López.

The other three are required: Jorman Campuzzano He cannot be there because he has reached five yellow cards and it is very possible that he will be replaced by Esteban Rolón.

The injuries left out of Edwin cardona and Nicolás Orsini, who according to the official medical report published by the club have the same ailment: grade II muscle tear of the right biceps femoris.

Although in Boca they did not indicate the recovery time of the injured, those close to the coaching staff estimate that they will have 15 days without playing. The youth Luis Vázquez and Aaaron Molinas would be the main candidates for the replacement of the center forward and the hitch.

This Wednesday in soccer practice it will be seen if the song of the Boca fans from last weekend, “Come on, go kids”, It can become a reality with the ownership of the two and Rodrigo Montes as a right-hand midfielder next Saturday against Globo at the Tomás Adolfo Duco.

In today’s practice, from 9 o’clock at the Ezeiza campus, Eduardo Salvio was back with his teammates and the coaching staff’s hope is that he can spend one minute on Wednesday 20 of this month before Godoy Cruz by date 17 of the Professional League.

The same is speculated with Juan Ramirez, who is much better from his left knee collateral ligament sprain and today he worked in a different way and then joined the rest of the game in tight spaces.

The table of positions of the Argentine tournament

The TAS claimed an order from Boca to Barcelona

Boca lost in the TAS against Barcelona. The legal battle, started more than a year ago, did not give the club good results in claiming 17,400,000 euros for training rights corresponding to soccer player Santiago Ramos Mingo, who left the club at the beginning of 2020 through the use of parental authority and without leaving a weight for the club.

At the end of 2020, FIFA had already rejected Boca’s presentation, which then decided to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport to try to obtain financial compensation. But the TAS again gave the reason to Barça.

Boca not only will not receive the sum he demanded, but will have to pay a sum of 10,000 Swiss francs (9,328 euros), which will be distributed between the club and the Cordoba defender. Despite the confirmation of the Catalan sports media, the club assures that they have not been notified about it yet.

Barcelona had signed Ramos Mingo for free in February 2020 because the player had not signed a contract with Xeneize (he left through parental authority).

RAMOS MINGO.  The footballer left Boca for Barcelona (Photo: AFP)
RAMOS MINGO. The footballer left Boca for Barcelona (Photo: AFP)

“The 18-year-old Argentine central defender has come free to the Barça club, has signed for three seasons plus two optional ones and his termination clause will be 60 million euros while he is at Barça B and 100 million if he goes up to the first team” , published the club at the time.

The leadership led by Jorge Amor Ameal and Juan Román Riquelme made the presentation to FIFA claiming 17.5 million euros for training rights for the player, who was 18 years old at the time.

For the TAS, Boca cannot claim any money for the central defender that participates in Barcelona B, although in the event that it is transferred in the future, it will be able to receive the amount corresponding to the solidarity mechanism.

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