The rise in the price of electricity and gas "announces an economic and social catastrophe", according to the CGSLB

The liberal union CGSLB fears that the rise in the price of electricity and gas affects purchasing power and employment. It arises from “serious questions“on the promises made by Energy Minister Tinne Vander Straeten (Groen) according to which there will in particular be no negative financial consequences on citizens’ bills nor consequences on supply in Belgium.

Given the sharp rise in the price of gas, which will also continue to increase, the ministerial discourse is not in touch with reality. The government is likely to freeze prices, but suppliers will have to lay off staff to remain competitive as gas prices seriously give investors pause“, estimates the CGSLB.”All current indicators point to an economic and social catastrophe, the cost of which is unacceptable for workers in the sector, for companies in general and for all Belgian citizens.

A revision of the timetable for phasing out nuclear energy would allow for a smooth and realistic transition. This is also claimed by many international experts. CGSLB representatives ask the government to shed light on the various aspects of this file in order to reassure the population and workers.“, concludes the liberal union.

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