Only the national directories of Brazilian political parties — not counting the state sections — reported to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) spending more than 280 million reais to support their operations in 2021. Almost all of these resources are public money, which legends receive through the Special Fund for Financial Assistance to Political Parties, known as the Partisan Fund.

Part of this money is transferred directly to the leaders of the legends, who receive a salary to hold positions as president, treasurer, director or even pre-candidate, as is the case of the presidential candidates Ciro Gomes (PDT) and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) . Throughout the year, spending on party personnel totaled around 55.5 million reais, according to TSE data updated until the end of November.

Party bosses are among the highest earners. José Luiz Penna, president of the PV, was the politician who received the most resources in this way: 319,400 reais in 2021. The treasurer of Solidarity, Luciano Araújo, is the runner-up, with 292.7 thousand reais received in the period. The bronze medal goes to the president of the PSB, Carlos Siqueira, with 283.5 thousand reais in the year.

Lula, honorary president of the PT, is the 14th highest salary among party leaders: 201,200 reais. Ciro Gomes, in turn, received 191.8 million reais from the PDT (Carlos Lupi, the president of his party, received 186 thousand reais). The other pre-candidates had no declared expenses. Former judge Sergio Moro has already announced that he will have a salary of 22 thousand reais from Podemos, but there is still no launch in 2021 – he joined in November

The leaders of the parties that hold public office do not receive party resources, like the presidents of the PT, Gleisi Hoffmann, and the PSL Luciano Bivar, the biggest parties in Congress, who are federal deputies.

The total expenses of the Party Fund in 2021 were 939 million reais, according to the TSE. For this year, the acronyms will have 1.1 billion reais — not counting the 4.9 billion reais foreseen in the budget for the Special Fund and Campaign Financing, known as the Electoral Fund.

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