Despite the 24-hour strike, the Government of Santa Fe hopes to reach an agreement

Despite the 24-hour teacher strike, the Government of Santa Fe hopes to reach an agreement

Teachers of public schools in Santa Fe began a 24 hour strike in rejection of a salary proposal from the provincial government, which offered a 17% increase in three tranches, which raised the increase to 52% in the year.

The same offer was accepted by the state unions and by the Argentine Union of Private Teachers (Sadop), with which the activity in the central administration of the State and in the public schools was normal this Wednesday morning.

Nevertheless, Members of the Santa Fe Teaching Association (Amsaf) rejected the proposal and voted for the strike, to which another 48-hour strike scheduled for October 20 and 21 will be added if an agreement is not reached before.

The Government, through the Minister of Labor, Juan Manuel PusineriHe warned that “you don’t work, you don’t pay,” so he left the door open for the day’s discount, and attributed the force measure to a “union intern.”

In any case, the Minister of Education, Adriana cantero, she was confident that the conflict can be resolved.

“Our proposal was good, considering the context and the effort made by the province to surpass the country’s average. This policy was accepted by state workers and private teachers. There are 56,000 state teachers and those who rejected the proposal will be some. 15 thousand, I think we can solve it, “said the minister.

One of the variables that could unblock the conflict would be to modify the terms of each section of increase which, according to the offer accepted by the other unions, increases the salary by 10% in October, 5% in December and 2% in January next year.

From the Amsaf they indicated that advancing the deadlines all the increase would be included in the calculation of the average bonus, which would result in an improvement for the teachers’ pocket.

Government Offer

With the Government’s offer, which was rejected, a teacher just starting would have received 59,759 pesos in October, 61,688 pesos in December, and 62,460 pesos in January.

Meanwhile, secondary school teachers with 44 lecture hours and minimum seniority will charge 87,682 pesos in October, 90,441 pesos in December and 91,545 pesos in January.

For their part, the directors with the lowest score will collect 106,284 pesos in October, 109,817 pesos in December and 111,230 pesos in January.

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