The season of Mexican Luis Wicho Urías

The Mexican from Luis Wicho Urías had a season surprising in the 2021 Major Leagues, especially in his offense in which he changed hits for doubles and home runs, and with a good second half makes the Milwuakee Brewers think about their present and future of both the organization and the Aztec, who also looked defensive despite struggling a bit at the shorstop and at third base especially with shots to first base.


The Brewers gave Urías daily confidence and playing time from the beginning of the 2021 Major League season by trading Venezuelan Orlando Arcia, who had been the Brewers’ starting shortstop in recent years, and traded Wicho.


Luis Urías battled in the Milwuakee shortstop as with his offense in the first half of the season and Milwuakee instead brought Dominican Willy Adames from the Tampa Bay Rays to play in the short stops on a daily basis and passed the Mexican to the Third base.


Despite struggling as a shortstop especially with his offense, Wicho showed that his defense in the Major Leagues was more of a player from the beginning to the end of his season:

When the sun heats

Summer came and the second half of the season and Urías’s bat got hot especially with extra-base hits (doubles and home runs):

Final numbers of his season


  • WAR: 3.0
  • Hits: 122
  • HR: 23
  • BA: .249
  • R: 77
  • RBI: 75
  • SB: 5
  • OBP: .345
  • SLG: .445
  • OPS: . .789
  • OPS+: .111

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