The MPF team led by José Nebbia, exposed the cases in a session that lasted almost eight hours.  Photo David Sánchez.

The MPF team led by Jos Nebbia, exposed the cases in a session that lasted almost eight hours. Photo David Snchez.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) of Neuqun continued this Wednesday, for the second consecutive day, with the development of its allegation in the trial “School VII” against 15 former military chiefs and national and provincial security forces for human rights violations that occurred. in that province and Ro Negro during the last military dictatorship.

This Thursday, from 9 o’clock, continue exhibiting the MPF team led by Jos Nebbia, after a day that lasted almost eight hours.

The prosecutor described to date the cases of each of the 20 victims that are part of the trial carried out by the Federal Oral Court 1 (TOF) of Neuqun, while it advanced with the explanation of the responsibilities of only two of the 15 defendants. .

The role of intelligence and the information community as part of the criminal plan implemented since 1976 was detailed in by the prosecutor Jos Nebbia, as well as the kidnappings of people, their transfers to the clandestine detention center “La Escuelita” in Baha Blanca and the application of torture.

The allegation that the prosecutor began on Tuesday deserved, during this day, a special chapter the investigation of sexual abuse against three of the victims, which for the first time are taken into account as autonomous crimes of torture.

During the plea, the prosecutor exposed profuse official documentation from a file rescued at the facilities of the intelligence area of ​​the Argentine Naval Prefecture of Baha Blanca.

The evidence offered was added to the documents provided by the second commander of the V Army Corps, General Acdel Vilas (deceased) when he gave an investigatory statement in 1987.

The prosecutor presented official documentation from the intelligence area of ​​the Nava Prefecture of Bahía Blanca and a document presented in 1987 by the late General Acdel Vilas.  Photo David Sánchez.

The prosecutor exposed official documentation from the intelligence area of ​​the Nava de Baha Blanca Prefecture and a document presented in 1987 by the late General Acdel Vilas. Photo David Snchez.

“The secret plan of the Army was known by Vilas with all the documentation that he delivered when he declared because he was convinced and vindicated his actions at that time,” said the prosecutor.

He explained how the repressive scheme was organized in the region, how the intelligence information community acted, what targets it pointed out, how the so-called “places of assembly of detainees” (LRD), which were the clandestine detention centers, were organized. .

For the prosecutor, “La Escuelita” from Baha Blanca it was “the most bloody place, with extreme and inhuman conditions where torture was done not only to extract information but also to break the person”.

Due to the extension of the first two days of pleadings by the prosecutor, the TOF reorganized the hearing schedule, although it was clarified from the presidency of the body that may undergo new changes.

In principle, it is expected that this Thursday the prosecutor’s argument will culminate to continue on October 20 with the expositions of the complaints of the Assembly for Human Rights of Neuqun (APDH), the Center for Professionals for Human Rights (Ceprodh) and the Private complaint of the victim witness Eduardo Pars.

Relatives of the victims attended the day of allegations in person.  Photo David Sánchez.

Relatives of the victims attended the allegations session in person. Photo David Snchez.

The following week it will be the turn of the defenses and on November 8 and 9 the duplicates and replicas will be made, so it is estimated that the verdict will be known the first days of next December.

In the “School VII” trial, the following are tried: Oscar Lorenzo Reinhold, Jorge Molina Ezcurra, Sergio Adolfo San Martin, Jorge Di Pasquale, Ral Guglielminetti, Osvaldo Pez, Norberto Eduardo Condal, Jorge Granada, Walter Tejada, Jorge Alberto Soza, Carlos Alberto Taffarel , Miguel ngel Cancrini, Juan Jos Capella, Gernimo Huircain and Desiderio Penchulef.

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