The daughter of actor Vladimir Konkin, Sofia, died in the fall of 2020.

The daughter of actor Vladimir Konkin, Sofia, died in the fall of 2020.

Photo: Ivan VISLOV

More than a year has passed since the death of the daughter of the People’s Artist of Russia Vladimir Konkin. In September 2020, Sofia drowned in the tiny pool of the Moscow fitness club “Jump”, the depth of which is ridiculous one and a half meters. And this despite the fact that Sofia herself was an experienced swimmer: she was engaged in this sport from early childhood. She spent at least five minutes under water. The woman was dragged out of the pool by the visitors of the club. She was taken to the hospital already in a coma, almost all internal organs ceased to function. A day later, the heart also stopped.

But what actually caused this ridiculous death? On Monday, November 22, the case was sent to the Presnensky Court. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” managed to look into the materials classified at the time of the investigation, talk to witnesses and lawyers.


The deceased Sofia was 32 years old. After a divorce from her husband, a fairly well-known lawyer of Ukrainian origin, a woman raised her nine-year-old daughter Alisa alone. In the very first hours after Sofia’s death, rumors leaked to the newspapers that she was drunk, and even under the influence of sleeping pills. A little later, in support of this version, videos appeared from a store located a hundred meters from the club. On them Sofia buys wine on the eve of training. The bottle cap will be found in her duffel bag. And then the presence of ppm in the blood will be confirmed by a forensic examination.

Vladimir Konkin himself then publicly stated that someone was trying to poison his daughter. Sophia’s roommate fell under suspicion. The man was dragged through interrogations, tested on a polygraph and eventually removed all suspicions from him. The investigation concluded that the victim herself drank several glasses of wine on the eve of the training.

– I knew that this method she practices just before training. Sofia herself told me that she relaxes so much before going to the pool. I tried to convince her that it was dangerous, that the heart could “grunt” right in the water, but she did not listen, – told Vladislav Lisitsin, classmate and best friend of Sofia Konkina.

Indeed, the relaxation method is highly questionable. But he has nothing to do with the death of Sophia. There are several forensic examinations in the criminal case. And everywhere the same cause of death: “asphyxiation by water entering the respiratory tract.” The woman drowned, while her heart and other internal organs functioned without interruption.

Actor Vladimir Konkin at the farewell ceremony for his daughter Sophia, September 2020.

Actor Vladimir Konkin at the farewell ceremony for his daughter Sophia, September 2020.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV


Most often this happens due to banal seizures. And here no one is safe: neither a beginner nor an Olympic champion, so the pool remains a place of increased danger. But only after many examinations were carried out, the accused appeared in the case.

it Anna Andrianova, manager and one of the founders of the Jump fitness club… According to the investigation, it was she who was supposed to ensure the constant presence of swimming instructors and a medical worker at the pool, who is also responsible for providing first aid to visitors. There were no such employees in the staffing table of the club at least from 2015 to 2020.

– She has repeatedly received the orders of the regulatory authorities, but did not eliminate the violations. The case file contains the testimony of many witnesses, from the number of visitors and club staff, who confirm that the instructor and paramedic were not in the club, ” said Yulia Nitchenko, lawyer of Vladimir Konkin.

Lawyer Yulia Nitchenko.

Lawyer Yulia Nitchenko.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

On condition of anonymity, we managed to communicate with one of the witnesses, an active employee of the club. According to him, the trivial economy of the management is to blame.

– We had instructors in the pool, but only for a fee. The employees were not paid salaries, which is why the trainers did not sit out their working hours in the gym and in the pool: they only came to conduct individual training. They took 2 thousand rubles per hour. The rest of the time, no one was on duty at the pool. In the late evening, when the Konkina tragedy occurred, no one was near the water at all. The reason is the greed of the leadership. Most of the people were not registered in the state at all, – said one of the witnesses.

Despite the instructions of Rospotrebnadzor, which are in the case materials, and the testimony of witnesses, Anna Andrianova does not consider herself guilty.

– Personally, I didn’t drown her, she drowned herself, it’s not my fault – the accused gave such testimony during interrogations.

By the end of the investigation, this “blame itself” grew into “bad doctors.” Andriyanova, together with her lawyers, insisted on an additional comprehensive examination to assess the actions of the ambulance doctors and the hospital where Sofia died.

“They drew up questions for the experts, in which there was an attempt to shift the blame onto the doctors. We were not against the examination, for us the main task was and remains the truth, – commented lawyer Yulia Nitchenko. – Now all the answers have been received, the doctors fully provided Sofia with all the necessary assistance. None of the examinations found their guilt.


Sofia could have been saved if the swimming instructor had been there. Alas, it seems that the tragedy with Konkina did not teach anyone anything. On November 12 this year, in the same club, there is another corpse.

The body of the 57-year-old Moscow manager, as in the case of Sofia, was found by other visitors to the club. The man was lying in the locker room and by that time his heart was no longer beating. It was established that on that day he was engaged in simulators and swam in the same pool. At some point, he felt bad.

“Based on the CCTV footage, he tried to find a coach and a nurse to tell them he was not feeling well. But he did not find any of the club staff and went to the locker room. The cause of death was acute heart failure. Now, on this fact, a check is being carried out, – said own source in law enforcement.

Whether there will be a second criminal case will become known in the near future. So far, it is only clear that here Andrianova will definitely come out dry from the water. In September of this year, she voluntarily left the post of manager. But with the change of leadership, little has changed.

“After the second death, the inspection bodies came up with an initiative to temporarily suspend the activities of the club,” said lawyer Yulia Nitchenko.


Meanwhile, in the Presnensky Court, hearings will begin from day to day. On the eve of the transfer of the case to the court, Andrianova, together with her lawyers, wrote a letter to Vladimir Konkin. We cannot publish the text of the message until the end of the trial. But the artist did not wait for repentance on the part of the accused.

– It was an attempt to pity the man who lost his daughter. The accused did not even ask her father for forgiveness, in the text of the letter she expressed condolences, and also began to press on pity, they say she has two children. But about Alice, who was left an orphan – not a word, – Yulia Nitchenko revealed the content of the letter. – All this resembles the case of Mikhail Efremov with a similar strategy of denying obvious guilt. Vladimir Konkin waited so long that he would simply be asked for forgiveness in a human way, that now he no longer needs it. We will insist on a real term of imprisonment.

According to article 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Provision of services that do not meet safety requirements” Andrianova faces up to six years. Also, in the event of an admission of guilt, she will have to pay compensation to the victims. Vladimir Konkin estimated the damage at 11 million rubles.

– This money will be needed by Alice, who lost her mother. Vladimir Konkin plans to put them in a special bank account of his granddaughter, she will be able to dispose of them after the age of majority, – explained Yulia Nitchenko.


Now Alisa lives with her guardians, relatives of her mother Sofia Konkina, in St. Petersburg. At the same time, the famous grandfather often visits the girl and helps her guardians financially.

– He is a great grandfather, although all and sundry are trying to throw stones at him. One of the complaints is the sale of a one-room apartment in Khimki, in which Sofia and Alisa once lived. Yes, this apartment has been sold. But, firstly, it has always belonged not to Sophia, but to Vladimir Konkin. And secondly, he uses the money from the sale to financially help Sofia, – told “KP” Alexey Lobarev, friend of Vladimir Konkin. – We often visit Alice together in St. Petersburg. It is quite possible that the girl will decide to stay in the northern capital. There was no point in keeping this apartment in the suburbs. I assure you that Vladimir Konkin takes an active part, including financially, in Alice’s life.

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