The end of the reign Despacita.  Baby Shark became the most watched video on YouTube

The Babyfark Video on Pinkfong became the most watched video in YouTube history a year ago. He hit another target on this network yesterday, being the first to collect 10 billion views. He thus escaped the second Despacite by more than two billion.

The children’s scraper, in which about 10 words are repeated, was created five years ago. Its influence has already transcended the boundaries of the Internet. According to her, a musical was created, it was heard in movies, TV shows or video games. There are already dozens of similar videos on the Pinkfong channel, another 32 clips have already reached more than 100 million views.

And what are the other records on YouTube? Indian music studio T-Series is the most popular channel in the world with 204 million subscribers and 177 billion views. Clip Slowly by Luis Fonsi is again the most popular video with 47 million likes. And before Google stopped hiding its thumbs down, the most hated video was the annual review YouTube Rewind 2018 with 20 million “dislays”.

via Engadget

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