Maria Zakharova

Maria Zakharova


A monstrous scandal broke out in the family of Masha Rasputina. The singer’s youngest daughter came to Andrei Malakhov and, using gas from the whole country, accused her older brother on her father’s side of lewdness and threats. Roman Zakharov did not remain in debt and revealed the shocking truth about the artist and her heiress.

Maria Zakharova said to the whole country that her elder brother more than once made obscene proposals to her, was rude and even raised his hand… But that is not all. The daughter of Masha Rasputina told about the harassment. “My brother offered to sleep. When I was 17, he molested. I was a virgin, and he wanted to become my first man,” she shocked with a statement in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on the channel “Russia 1”.

According to the girl, she complained to the famous mother. Then the singer did not throw up a scandal. She only advised her daughter to stay away from Roman. “My brother threatened my mother and said:“ She starts to piss me off, I’ll kill her. ”Dad does not believe me, he is on the side of his son. Mom is under the influence of his father,” the star heiress complains.

The novel is outraged to the core. He assured that he would not allow the 21-year-old relative to tarnish his good name. “This small insect is good for my daughters. Rasputin is to blame for everything! There is no need to give birth to children in old age, they have a genetic failure. She both daughters are unfinished …”, – said Zakharov.

Then he exhaled and blurted out: “The youngest of the four schools was thrown out, she can’t even write. Masha the youngest took her father’s phone, called his partners and offered herself!”

At the same time, the performer’s stepson did not deny that he raised his hand to his sister. According to the man, the artist was not at all involved in raising her daughter. “Rasputina is envious. She considers herself a queen, while others are servants. I have known her for over 30 years, she hates everyone. Rasputin and my father are not even officially painted. Masha with her daughter, a homeless woman. If something happens, everyone will fly out of the house! “- he stunned with a confession.

Recall that Masha Rasputina, from a relationship with Vladimir Ermakov, gave birth to a daughter, Lida. And from the producer and businessman Viktor Zakharov in 2000, a daughter, Masha, was born. The fate of the eldest heiress was tragic. The younger sister refuses to communicate with the older one. “Masha is a very wayward personality with me, she is categorical. She says:” Mom, how much she has brought you grief, I will not communicate with her, “Rasputin said.

The artist calls Lida her pain. Her eldest daughter lives in a boarding school because she must be under constant medical supervision. From time to time, the girl spends weekends with her mother and at least twice a year goes to a psychiatric clinic for treatment. “Constant, as they say, toothache. And I have to live with it. She may have some voices, hallucinations. When I take her to me, at first she’s nothing. And then she starts to move out,” Rasputin complained.

As for the youngest heiress, the girl is studying at MGIMO as a public relations specialist. “The daughter chose journalism. Our girl is lively, beautiful. There is someone!” – confessed her father.

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