Vodafone auctioned the first SMS sent in the world as NFT.  The price exceeded 100 thousand euros

Signal, one of the popular mobile communicators, focusing mainly on security and privacy of its users thanks to encryption, decided to further popularize cryptocurrencies and integrate them directly into applications. But if you expect some of the well-known digital currencies, you will unfortunately be disappointed.

The company reached for the cryptocurrency in order to preserve anonymity and privacy MobileCoin (MOB), which is a derivative of the most famous anonymous cryptocurrency Monero. However, Signal managed to integrate the function into the application very elegantly. When sending payments, he simply selects to send the payment and selects the amount and contact he has in Signal. The only condition is that the other party must have cryptocurrency payments enabled.

You have to buy elsewhere

So far, it is only a beta function and is active only after enabling in the application menu. If the other party does not allow it, the contact will not go to you to pay or withdraw. What’s worse so far is the way to upload money to your Wallet in Signal. So far, it does not offer any possibility to buy a supported cryptocurrency. Only wallet transfers.

The user must therefore charge the balance externally without verification up to the amount of 1000 euros, and through the web buymobilecoin.com. However, there is another problem for some users, as it is an anonymous cryptocurrency and it is not possible to sell it in some states (primarily in the USA), in order to prevent money laundering. The second way is to buy cryptocurrency on the stock exchange, but there are not many of them yet. At the time of writing, it is only supported by the Bitfinex and FTX exchanges.

But the main thing is that Signal has managed to elegantly integrate the cryptocurrency payment function into an application used by tens of millions of people. Now the charging system is improving and perhaps payment will become popular. Keep in mind, however, that the MobileCoin cryptocurrency is just as volatile as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, so its price can vary a lot.

Cryptocurrencies also integrate other large companies, such as PayPal:

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