Anton Nemtsov with his wife Anna.

Anton Nemtsov with his wife Anna.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication in the social network

Boris Nemtsov’s son and his wife Anna ended up in the hospital. Anton Nemtsov never advertises his personal life, because the news of the hospitalization excited the public.

Boris Nemtsov’s son scared the fans. Anton Nemtsov, 25, was urgently hospitalized with his wife Anna. “We ended up in the hospital with covid. We did not expect that it would come to this. We went to the hospital to carefully monitor the course of the disease and prevent the development of complications,” wrote the 25-year-old heir to Nemtsov.

He noted that lies in the same room with his wife… “We are being treated with very good IVs. We are already better,” he added.

Fans immediately responded to Anton’s message. Many are worried about the young man’s mother. The beautiful Ekaterina Odintsova is at risk. She was asked to take care of herself.

Note, Anton studied at MIPT… From childhood, he showed an interest in politics. He got married in 2018. A luxurious ceremony was organized on Rublevka, and among the guests there were many stars of Russian show business. In 2019, the couple had a child. The star couple did not advertise the addition to the family, so the news was unexpected for the fans.

“There are more Nemtsovs. Boy Boris. Thank God for everything“- wrote the happy Odintsova. The businesswoman repeatedly speaks of her boundless love for her son and daughter. She admits that it is the heirs that are her best motivator for reaching new career heights.

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