The World Balloons was a sensation on the internet.


The World Globes was one of the great events on the internet on the Twitch of Ibai Llanos with Gerard Piqué, whom he made a tremendous trolling in the transmission. Chilean Felipe Pávez was eliminated in the first round.


© Capture Twitch Ibai LlanosThe World Balloons was a sensation on the internet.

The Balloon World Cup was the great internet event of the week with Ibai Llanos breaking it again, in an initiative that was born from the hand of Gerard Piqué, who after a viral tweet in which two young people did not drop the balloon to the floor and from there a quite striking idea was born.

Obviously he left very funny moments and one of the most outstanding was the spectacular trolling of the streamer to the Barcelona defender while they commented on the meeting between Equatorial Guinea and Andorra. The defender was giving his favorite for the duel and the rest of the competition.

“The Andorran now put money on the table that wins,” said the world champion in South Africa 2010 and at that time Ibai was the most astute to shape his trolling. “The what?”, He asked and Piqué affirmed “the Andorran” so that Llanos would release him with agility “you grab it with your hand.”

It was, without a doubt, a fairly entertaining event and was ratified by the more than 500 thousand viewers who had a large part of the transmission. Meanwhile, Chile participated with Felipe Pavez who could only play the first round as he was eliminated at the hands of Senegal with a score of 4-2.

In the final results, the last place on the podium was obtained by Spain by beating Brazil in the match for third place while the champion was Peru with Francesco de la Cruz by beating Germany in an incredibly fun final.

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