Photo by: Galina Brodskaya

Distributors of false information about vaccination and its alleged grave consequences should be held accountable for their actions – said the chairman of the Coordinating Council of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains Evgeny Nifantiev.

“Many bloggers think of themselves as virologists. Savoring the horror stories of sick people becomes a way for them to earn money and increase their audience. But as they roll out their anti-vaccination campaigns, they don’t think about the implications of these statements for large audiences. At the same time, they mislead gullible citizens who, as a result, find themselves from vaccination, endangering their lives and health, “Nifantyev emphasized.

He believes that the disseminators of fake information destabilize society, putting at risk citizens who refuse vaccinations because of false information. To date, according to the expert, the most effective means of combating coronavirus infection is voluntary vaccination, and the creation of herd immunity depends on it. Evgeny Nifantyev believes that the appearance of fake information, as well as its distributors, should be held accountable by the relevant supervisory and control bodies.

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