"The Squid Game" broke a record: it is the most watched series in Netflix history

At this point it is difficult to find someone who has not seen The Squid Game. Everyone talks about their sadistic challenges and there is no shortage of crazy theories about some of the situations that occur throughout its 9 episodes. This fury for the South Korean series is reflected in numbers. Netflix announced in the last hours that the creation of Hwang Dong-hyuk became the most successful content in its extensive catalog.

The fiction has already been seen by more than 111 million viewers and there is no doubt that thousands will be added as the days go by. In less than a month, this story that tests a group of people with financial problems prevailed over other flagship titles of the streaming service such as Bridgerton, The Money Heist, Stranger Things, The Witcher and 13 Reasons Why, You and Ginny & Georgia.

How to interpret this record number? Keep in mind that Netflix uses different metrics to calculate how profitable its productions are. For a visualization to be computed, the user must have seen at least a minimum of two minutes of the content. The other data that is collected is in how many homes a series or movie has been seen; a fact that is not entirely accurate since subscribers do not necessarily sit alone in front of the television.

What were the most watched Netflix series before The Squid Game?

The Squid Game it premiered on September 17 and soon became the most watched series in much of the world. It even achieved a real feat when it became the first South Korean production to rank as the most viewed for several days in the United States. Before this phenomenon, according to statistics shared by the company on October 1, this was the most successful content on the platform:

  • Bridgerton – 82 million viewers
  • The Witcher – 76 million viewers
  • Lupin – 76 million viewers
  • Sexo/life – 67 million viewers
  • Stranger Things 3 – 67 million viewers
  • The Paper House S4 – 65 million viewers
  • Tiger King – 64 million viewers
  • Lady’s gambit – 62 million viewers
  • Sweet Tooth – 60 million viewers
  • Emily in Paris – 58 million viewers

In addition, the company evaluates the performance of its content from the hours of reproduction. And, before the arrival of the phenomenon of the moment, these were the series that were imposed in this category:

  • Bridgerton – 625 million hours
  • The Paper House 4 – 619 million
  • Stranger Things 3 – 582 million
  • The Witcher – 541 million
  • 13 Reasons Why T2 – 496 million
  • 13 Reasons Why T1 – 476 million
  • You T2 – 457 million
  • Stranger Things 2 – 427 million
  • The Paper House 3 – 426 million
  • Ginny & Georgia – 381 million

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