Gi-hun shows a compassionate and empathetic personality with his companions, sacrificing his own happiness in the final scenes (Photo: Netflix)

When “The Squid Game”Premiered on Netflix, many fans pointed out that one of the characteristics of this series is that it was very violent. In that sense, the creator of the fiction, Hwang Dong-hyuk, explained why “Squid Game” has a lot of gory content, to the point that some have considered that “It is not a series for children”.

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In 2008, Dong-hyuk he began to write a story that was obviously not suitable for all audiences. The final product was “The Squid Game”, A work that took time to see the light, but when it was released on the streaming platform it was adored by the entire public.

The story of “The Squid Game” centers on hundreds of participants who have financial problems and who choose to join a mysterious game. What was expectant is that these players, in order to take the money, have to put many things at stake, including their lives, which has allowed us to see very violent scenes.

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The serie de Netflix that has already been seen by millions of people around the world is full of episodes of extreme cruelty and before this its producer does not deny it, although he explains that it is not violence only to fill or to attract attention but that it is “figurative and allegorical ”.

Reflects how people find themselves at a dead end after failing to survive in a competitive society. If there are teenagers who have seen this series, we can discuss current issues in our society with them. I hope that parents tell their children that violent scenes have their own message in the series. “stated Hwang Dong-hyk in an interview with ‘Yonhap News Agency’.

One of the main arguments found in “The Squid Game” is his criticism of the capitalist system, according to the South Korean: “I think capitalism has demonstrated its own limitations in the 21st century. They all face fierce competition and are dragged to the bottom of society if they fail to survive the competition. “added.

“Through Gi-hun I ask questions, like who created this system of competition in our society and who corners us. This is the question I want to ask everyone living in the midst of a pandemic in the 21st century “, ended.

Gi-hun shows a compassionate and empathetic personality with his companions, sacrificing his own happiness in the final scenes (Photo: Netflix)


We had said that “The Squid Game”It has many scenes that make the viewer never sit still while watching it. But, within all these sequences of the serie de Netflix there is one in particular that generated quite a bit of fear in viewers.

We refer to Chapter Five of South Korean Production, where the participants are seen to face a new game that had not been seen until then and that was just as macabre. As it progresses, the players are left without life. Here we see how the protagonist of the scene is the glass bridge, which must be transferred from the beginning to a final goal.

At first glance, it seems that the bridge is easy to move, but everything changes when you see how this structure is built: one that does not support the weight of people and the other that does. Thus, players must guess which one is the right one in order to save their lives. No less data is the height at which this path is located, because if the participants step on the weakest glass, they end up falling into the void and die almost instantly.

Participants in the glass bridge game (Photo: Netflix)
Participants in the glass bridge game (Photo: Netflix)

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