The Squid Game: The clues we were given (and did not see) in 'The Squid Game' to discover the identity of the player 001

Chen a serie it becomes a fenmeno social, the followers from that series they do not stop searching more information or anecdotes to quench your thirst. It’s like a need to follow searching on the serie.

It happened to hits like ‘Lost‘ O ‘Breaking Bad‘and now something similar is happening with The Squid Game‘, the series that is sweeping Netflix all over the planet.

South Korean production is on everyone’s lips thanks to a surprising theme with a most original script who has managed to hook million viewers.

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Stop reading this news if you haven’t seen yet ‘The squid game ‘and you are interested in enjoying it without knowing anything.

In ‘The Squid Game’ they participate 456 contestants. They are all people with financial problems and many debts trying to get out of the well through the millionaire prize that they offer.

The contestant number 001 is Oh Il-Nam, a old man who soon makes friends with him hero of the series, Seong Gi-hun, and what is key character in ‘The Squid Game’.

The followers of the series have reviewed again and again the nine chapters of the first season and have realized that the creator of ‘The Squid Game’, Hwang Dong-hyuk, gave several tracks to the audience about the contestant identity number 001.

It is character, which at the end of the first season is discovered as the creator and capitalist of the macabre game, stars in several scenes in which viewers may have discovered before his true role in the challenges.

It does not look like he dies in the game of marbles

One of the details that the followers of the series have brought to light is that at the time of his supposed death in the game of marbles, it is not seen how they shoot Oh Il-Nam.

It is not tied in the rope game

Another time when contestant number 001’s true identity could be ascertained is at the rope game. In one scene from this challenge you can see how all the members of his team are hooked with handcuffs to the rope (to fall to the void in case of defeat) but he is not tied (to avoid their death if they had lost the challenge).

The doll does not capture its movements in ‘Green light, red light’

Fans of ‘The Squid Game’ have also noted that the macabre grimace from the first game ‘Green Light, Red Light’ locate all the movements of the contestants minus participant number 001.

Disappearance and notice

Also, during a brutal fight that the participants of the game have in the room where they sleep, the old man disappears and is only heard from again when the lights are turned ons. It seems clear that participant number 001 warned the guards to stop the fight and regain control of the room.

Your file does not exist

Finally, another detail that can be seen in the series is that when the police infiltrated the island discovers the room where all the information of the players is stored, There is no record for player number 001. The list begins with contestant 002.

The list of players starts with 002

The list of players starts with 002

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