The strategy of the Undersecretary was presented to the shipping family.  Shipping

We are rolling up our sleeves and through 35 targeted actions we are changing our shipping to be durable, competitive and sustainable, Deputy Minister of Shipping Vassilis Dimitriadis told KYPE, after the presentation of the long-term strategy for Cyprus Shipping, in the shipping Tuesday night, in Limassol.

Vassilis Dimitriadis said that October 12 was a great day for the Cypriot Shipping, since the PD presented this strategy to the media and later, he, “in front of our family, the shipping community of Cyprus, we presented with a different I would say, this strategy “.

“A way that shows one of the pillars of the strategy, extroversion, innovation”, he said and added that “we want the Cypriot shipping to become resistant to crises, competitive, so that it can have a sustainable future for the good of the country”.

As of today, he noted, “we are rolling up our sleeves, with 35 targeted actions, with a start and implementation schedule and even costed, so that we can implement this whole change, so that the shipping of Cyprus can be competitive, but also have a precautionary approach, to be possible, contributing to the Cypriot economy, but also contributing substantially to world shipping “.

The choice of the name of this strategy “SEA Change 2030” was not accidental, Mr. Dimitriadis points out, since through the acronym SEA (sea), come the three key words of this strategy, sustainability (Sustainability), extroversion ( Extrovert) and adaptability.

“This is not just a strategy, it is a new model of operation of the Ministry of Shipping and this is what we now want to give internally, to transmit health, extroversion, to understand the messages of the times, to adapt them to our policies and to turn them into actions. He added.

Asked what messages he is receiving for this new strategy, the Undersecretary replied that he sees “a responsive shipping industry that welcomes this change to take our shipping even higher, through the cooperation of all actors, the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, the Cyprus Shipowners’ Association and the whole range that offers shipping services “.

Source: KYPE

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