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Windows Media Player has been at the forefront of media playback. At least in terms of integrated tools directly in the most used family of operating systems on personal computers. Although it has not evolved for many years, you can still find it in Windows 10 and Windows 11 in a preserved form.

But it is time for a change. Microsoft expresses this view by releasing a completely new media player. (He also forgets players developed in the Tens era.) He simply called it Media Player. It is currently only available in Windows 11 Insider Preview in the Dev. The company does not even indicate whether the player will eventually ship to Windows 10.

At least Windows Media Player is not leaving yet and you can continue to use it. The last twelfth series was released in 2009 in connection with the release of Windows 7.

It is about classic player, which will remind you of a number of other products, including Windows Media Player. However, the novelty has a better processed media library, supports the creation of playlists, etc. In short, nothing surprising, there is also a mini player. If you listen to music in Groove, your playlists and library will be transferred to the new player.

If you want to try Media Player, be aware that this is an unfinished version. Microsoft in advance warns of several known issues. For example, network playback, metadata editing does not work, some characters are displayed incorrectly, etc. its availability cannot be enforced, you must wait until it appears in your Windows 11 Insider Preview installation.

Your phone in a new coat

As part of the Windows Insider program, Microsoft is testing a redesigned application your phone. This is a redesign that rearranges user interface elements, but it does not change the basic functionality.

Notifications are always visible in the left sidebar, while you do not switch the main categories to the left, but at the top of the window. This application also responds to the design of Windows 11.

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