The sustainable traveler trend


and tourism

From the business, Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 connects millions of people, assuming a role committed to sustainable and sustainable development. It is concerned with generating an ecosystem of high social and environmental value, taking care of the impact of operations, in addition to the safety and rights of those who work and transit through airports.

A new way
of travelling

Tourism is an industry with a high impact on the reactivation of the world economy: it not only stimulates regional economies but also promotes local culture. It is interesting, when packing, to be aware of this impact and to exercise it positively. For this reason, Airports Argentina 2000 promotes a new way of traveling: sustainable travel. Accompanying the guidelines of the UNWTO, UN, and sustainable development, the objective is to share, raise awareness and accompany passengers so that they have more tools when traveling; and remember that there is a more sustainable way to do it.

Something fundamental:
the previous

Planning the trip is key: checking the transfer at the airport, mobility at the destination and designing the itinerary to make the most of the days. When making accommodation reservations, it is good to take into account environmentally friendly options – for example, eco resorts and lodges – that take care of the use of water and have a policy of saving energy and not polluting the natural environment that contains them. . In addition, it is important to track all the information about the entry requirements to the destination, testing requirements, etc.

A safety net for travelers

For all these proposals, the firm created Travel Network, an initiative driven to be always informed. In addition to a landing page with all the information, under the hashtag #REDVIAJERA on social networks -Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter- of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, the passenger can find all the information they need to leave or return on a trip. With connections to public organizations, airlines and embassies of the countries to which Argentines travel most frequently, Airports Argentina 2000 always has up-to-date information. Influencers from the world of travel are added to this initiative, adding tips to avoid surprises and enjoy each flight to the fullest.

When we step on the airport we are already traveling

If the passenger leaves his house on time, and has the necessary documentation at hand, when he arrives at the airport he is already relaxed, on vacation. The airport is part of an experience that allows you to eat in one of the food trucks or indulge yourself and try the excellent international offer that allows you to travel with the flavors.

for all

The gastronomy is varied, and therefore, the moment to eat something delicious becomes a walk in itself. There are international options such as the North American chain Outback, which in the country is only present in the Ezeiza terminal. And the foodtrucks add another alternative, both in Ezeiza and in Aeroparque to share a good time outdoors since they are in the public access area.

of prices

An interesting fact is that, within the airport, the gastronomic offer has the same values ​​and the same menu available as in the rest of the city. Some examples are Havanna, Starbucks, Le Pain Quotidien, Mc Dondals, Burger King, among others, who carry out this practice.

Once in

To travel sustainably, the most important thing is to generate a positive impact in the community, support local economies, buy local, and choose entrepreneurs and small shops. Also take care of nature, be responsible with waste, limit the use of energy and take care of water. It is also essential to interact respectfully with the local inhabitants and their customs. The key is to think about leaving a better place than they found it.

The end of the cycle: back home

Traveling is a privilege to enjoy and share. The beauty of a thrilling landscape, the adventure of flying and the pleasure of learning about other customs is always an excellent plan that can inspire others. In times of social networks, the good thing is to generate a positive message, which mobilizes others to carry out responsible practices. Inspire by example.

For more information about
Airports Argentina 2000, enter the site.

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