“The Swarm”: Is season 2 of the ZDF/ORF series coming?

What could The Swarm Season 2 be about?

Most of the elements of the template were already eaten away in Season 1, so Season 2 will see the show break new ground for the most part. Nevertheless, there are a few clues from the novel that reveal how it could continue in new episodes.

For example, in the book, senior members of the military contemplate complete annihilation of the enemy. This is in contrast to what the scientists did in the film adaptation. This conflict could be explored in season 2.

Also, in the season 1 finale, Charlie Wagner wakes up after becoming one with the crush. The new episodes could explore how she is doing now and how her transformation affects communication with Yrr.

Another interesting point would be to find a new coexistence between humans and (marine) animals – a coexistence that suits both species. Certainly some people will still be affected by the attacks and may even feel angry at Yrr. Here, too, there is potential for conflict that promises exciting narrative threads.

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