The teachers' strike weakened Blanquer, “Macron's campaign pillar”

The policy of opening schools at all costs backfires against the Minister of Education, underlines the international press after the strong mobilization of teachers on January 13.

The foreign press evokes the unprecedented scale of the teachers’ strike of January 13, 2022, which it sees as a sign of the growing divorce between the government and the population.

“A very followed strike in National Education is not good news for Emmanuel Macron, less than three months before the presidential election”, relief The vanguard. Such a mobilization is never commonplace in the country of public schools, where they have “A key role in the development of national consciousness and the promotion of the values ​​of the Republic. The closure of classes due to discontent is always a small political and social earthquake, and even more so in the pre-election period.”

Historical mobilization

The strike of January 13 is all the more an earthquake because it was a resounding success. The Republic evoked “A historic mobilization to protest against the ‘confusion‘created by the health protocol imposed by the government ”, all the more historical since we saw the “teachers ‘unions, but also parents’ associations ”.

Same observation at The mail, which speaks of a mass mobilization “Against ‘the political virus’ which is rampant in education”.

There was a battle of numbers, of course. According to the unions, which announced that half of the establishments were closed, the strike was followed by 75% of teachers in primary education and 62% in secondary education. The Ministry of Education, it has identified only 38.5% of strikers in the primary and 27.73% in the secondary.

Faced with the scale of the movement, Prime Minister Jean Castex convened a meeting on the evening of Thursday January 13 with the education unions, at the end of which the government announced the provision of 5 million masks FFP2 for


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