USB-C should be available for all phones within two years.  Apple will have to adapt

If Apple is behind the iPhones, it’s definitely wired connectivity. While virtually all manufacturers have switched to a modern USB-C connector, Apple is still sticking to its Lightning, which it has been using since the iPhone 5. wants to force the American giant to switch to USB-C.

Technically, this will not be a problem for Apple, as this connector is already widely used in its products. Ken Pilonel, a technician and robotics expert, was personally convinced. A few months ago, he decided to create an iPhone with USB-C. Now, after a long time, he called again with a short demonstration of a functional iPhone X with a replaced connector. As he briefly showed, in addition to charging, it supports such data transfer.

So far, however, he has issued only a short trailer, with it on his own A YouTube channel is preparing a documentarywhich maps the exchange process. According to him, remaking the iPhone from Lightning was not easy at all. Details at your blog. In addition to having to interfere directly with the phone’s motherboard, he also had to deal with seemingly trivial problems such as size. The USB-C connector is larger than Lightning and would not pass through the hole in the chassis of the phone. In any case, it turned out that it is possible and now just wait for Apple to do the same.

We are comparing the new iPhones 13 and 13 Pro:

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