thousands of users are without service in the AMBA

The electricity demand consigned by Cammesa coincided with the historical peak of heat that affected the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area, which for two days has been under an orange alert due to extreme temperatures.

At 4:00 p.m., in the City of Buenos Aires and surrounding areas of the Greater Buenos Aires, the highest temperature of the last 64 years was recorded: 41.2 degrees, exceeding the reported 41.1 as the previous record last Tuesday by the National Meteorological Service (SMN).



Meanwhile, the National Electricity Regulatory Entity (ENRE) reported at 4:45 p.m. that 13,483 users of the Edenor concession area remained without power in the Buenos Aires neighborhoods of Belgrano and Villa Pueyrredón.

Always according to the ENRE, it also left without power customers residing in the Buenos Aires municipalities of Escobar, La Matanza, Marcos Paz, Merlo, Moreno, San Miguel, Tigre, Tres de Febrero, General San Martín, Ituzaingó, Malvinas Argentinas, Pilar, San Fernando, Morón, San Miguel, Tigre, San Isidros and Vicente López.

In the case of the Edesur area, users without electricity supply reached 64,812, mostly residents in the Buenos Aires districts of Almirante Brown, Avellaneda, Ezeiza, Lomas de Zamora, Quilmes, Lanús, Presidente Perón and San Vicente.

The drop in Edesur’s energy supply also affected clients in the Buenos Aires neighborhoods of Caballito, Liniers, Mataderos, Parque Patricios, Villa Crespo, San Cristobal, Villa General Miter, Flores, Pompeya, Parque Chacabuco, Retiro, Villa Santa Rita, La Paternal, Villa Soldati, Villa Lugano and Villa del Parque.

On the fifth day of a week in which most of the country is under health alert due to an extreme heat wave, Edenor reported that early this morning there was a problem at the Edison substation, which left 200,000 of its customers without electricity for approximately one hour.

“At 8:20 a.m., all the 132 kV connections of the Edison Transformer Station were disconnected, and simultaneously, at the Nuevo Puerto Transformer Station, the outlets to the Libertador, Vicente López, Aguas and Anniversary, producing approximately 500 MW of outages,” the ENRE said in a statement.

He added that in addition “at the Central Transformadora Puerto they unhooked the CEPUTG12, NPUETV05 and TV06 units, totaling a loss of approximately 620 MW of generation.”

Hours later, at 2:13 p.m., around 300,000 users of that concessionaire experienced a drop in service after “the outage of the 220 kV Ezeiza-Zappalorto High Voltage Line 64 occurred, affecting the High Voltage Line Voltage 640 of 132 kV Zappalorto? Merlo, which caused a decrease in demand of 850 MW in the western area of ​​Greater Buenos Aires”, according to the ENRE.

The problem began to be solved a little less than an hour later, indicated that public control body, for which it originated “by virtue of an overload on Line 63, which affected the Libertad section 2 substation, and Merlo transformer 2 , Gaona section 1 and 4, High Voltage Line 695, transformer 1 of the Pantanosa and Pontevedra substation, transformer 1 and 3 of Marcos Paz, section 1 of La Reja, and section 3 of Paso del Rey”.

The electrical outages this Friday occurred in the framework of the high temperatures that have been recorded for a week in almost the entire country, with thermal marks that exceeded 40 degrees in eight provinces this afternoon and that, together with the high minimums and the number of consecutive days with heat, have almost the entire country under alerts, according to the SMN.

How to claim before the ENRE for the power outage?

  • If you suffered a prolonged power outage of 36 hours or more, or several repeated outages in the same month (4 or more), you can make the claim
  • The company must make a refund on your bill for the energy not supplied. Always claim first with the distributor and keep the number of each claim
  • If the provider breaches its obligation to the claim, You must contact the ENRE to report this situation and continue with the refund process

How to carry out the procedure before the ENRE to reimburse the electric service bill?

For this, you have to follow these steps, to notify the corresponding company and notify the ENRE of the cuts:

  • Complete the ENRE form, with the service invoice at hand and with the claim number (s).
  • In the option Select the type of claim to be made, opt for Prolonged Cut or Repeated Cut.
  • The ENRE will notify you of the procedure to be applied.
  • The distributor will will refund the corresponding amount (in kWh) on your next bill. If the refund exceeds the amount of your invoice, the borrower will credit it in the following invoice (s).

What data and documentation must I submit?

  • Claim number (s) made to the company
  • Signed note where you indicate:
  • the date / s and time / s of the start of the cut / s
  • the date / s and time / s of the end of the cut / s
  • Service invoice
  • If the service is not in your name: a copy of the property title or rental contract, or a service or ID where the address is recorded.

For more information and monitoring of your procedures, call 011 5199 0950.

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