The Trauma of the Bathtub and James Co's Favorite Bird...

Dena Vahdani took office tonight The smartest person in the world. Her name may have been unknown to you until recently, but the comedienne impressed both Erik Van Looy and the audience during her first episode. Not quite as impressive as James Cooke, admittedly. That’s what you get when you start telling bizarre stories from your childhood.

Dennis Van Goethem

Today at 23:00

Tonight’s winner:

Comedienne Dena Vahdani did not miss her entrance and especially impressed in the photo round, by flawlessly singing ten songs by Beyoncé Knowles by heart.

The loser:

In a neck-and-neck race, Merol won thanks to clever tactics and her knowledge of the film E.T. She played rapper Glints home after two participations, and so the Dutch comes even more firmly at the top of the ranking.

Tomorrow’s newcomer:

Actor in Dealerdirector Jeroen Perceval, who had to drop out last year.

The best quotes:

Erik Van Looy: “Dena, what a beautiful name. Does it mean anything?”

Dena Vahdani: “Yes. Smartest person in the world.”


Erik: “Jury, do you have any experience with plastic surgery?”

Jani Kazaltzis: “No, I would never do that. Never.”

James Cooke: “However, he is in my mobile as ‘Jani Filler’.”


Erik: “Candidates, what is your favorite bird?”

James: “Why don’t you ask us?”

Erik: “Because I’m afraid of the answer.”

James: “Discrimination. Just ask.”

Erik: “Okay, do you have a favorite bird?”

James en Jani: (in unison) “No.”

The most beautiful moment:

Bizarre childhood memory of James Cooke. As a child, he bathed with his sister until she felt too old. Her way of evicting James? “When I looked away, I felt a ray. She stood on the edge of the bath peeing on me. I will never forget that image. She’ll be glad I tell you this. She teaches.”

The standings

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