the United States and the Taliban resume negotiations next week in Doha

The United States will resume its discussions with the Taliban next week in Qatar, in particular on the fight against terrorism and the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

I can confirm that next week Special Representative for Afghanistan Tom West will return to Doha for two weeks of meetings with the Taliban.US diplomacy spokesman Ned Price told reporters on Tuesday.

They will evoke “our vital national interests about Afghanistan“, he added, listing”counter-terrorism“, “humanitarian aid and the country’s economic situation“, as well as the possibility for Americans and Afghans who have worked for them for the last twenty years to leave Afghanistan in full.”security“.

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Thomas West met almost two weeks ago in Pakistan with representatives of the Islamist movement which seized power in Kabul in mid-August after the withdrawal of all American forces. A first session of negotiations between Washington and the Taliban took place on October 9 and 10, already in Doha where the American diplomatic team in charge of Afghanistan relocated after this withdrawal.

The American envoy reiterated last Friday on Twitter the conditions of the United States so that the Taliban “deserve“American financial and diplomatic support: fight against terrorism, establishment of a government”inclusive“, “respect for the rights of minorities, women and girls“, and “equal access to education and employment“.

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